KOTH points to low

TC you did it again …you go to extreme when you do things. Yes the points for caps and breaks needed to be reduced a lil. Not all the way to 30/10??? Are you kidding me . This dude just went MVP for 5 caps and 1 break! This is an objective game! The point reduction should of been down to cap=125 break = 75. That’s how I see it. I don’t like people getting MVP bc they just kill hunting instead of the game mode . And to all you dudes that say kills mean alot they do mean something but if the kill is not around the ring then it’s useless… Change the points more fair. And please TC stop making every change an extreme just make it balanced and fair. How hard is that ! I don’t know how you guys didn’t see 30/10 was to low. Like I could of seen that ! Who do you have hired you got a spot opened for me?


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