KOTH on Blood Drive

Anyone else really depise playing KOTH on Blood Drive? I’ve hated it in every gears game its been in, especially the rings in the grenade room. Its literally just a free full capture if a teams not messing around and gets in there first. I remember one of the game having a ring dead centre of the map so maybe that’s a solution, 3 rings in the centre of the map and the two open ones at either side of the dropshot/scorcher.


A better solution would be to remove it from the game. It’s terrible.


Blood drive was designed before respawn game modes. Plays best with warzone/execution, the hard game modes

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Bloody hell remember those heart racing game modes that made gears so good? :rofl::rofl:

Those modes and the people that played them is what made gears

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Too true mate.

Gears never used to just be about rushing to the ring, dying then re spawning and repeat…but it seems the way to go nowadays

Voluntarily playing KOTH on blood drive is basically shooting yourself in the foot