KoTH need changes to reduce the amount of LEAVERS

KoTH is the mode with more “LEAVERS” on this 2.5 years of my experiencie on Gears 4. At least 1 person quit the match, warming competitive is the HEALTHY option cuz that add bots plus people leave less. Sadly godlikeplayers use this mode to warm-up and they farm you like a bot lol

My solution to FIX this mode on GEARS 5

  • Make that a single round with 200 capture points instead of 180 and make “RANDOM” the weapons appear every match.

  • Having a match that last 10 minutes similar to the duration of TDM, GUARDIAN and dodgball will reduce the amount of LEAVERS instead of increase the leaver penalty.

I agree that harsher quit penalties are needed, but the length of a ranked KoTH match is perfect how it is.

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They could make an actual social like Gears 3 had, so players who want to select the mode they play will go into quickplay and not ranked matches

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For people enjoy play KoTH the duration of the matches is alright but for the majority of the people seems is not ok. In my 2.5 years playing GEARS 4 this mode have an insane amount of leavers

3 KoTH rounds can last 30 minutes on this amount of time you can play 3 TDM matches or 3 Guardian games or 3 Dodge balls matches. I feel making KoTH single round will reduce on dramatic way the amount of leavers.

Sure, it can last 3 times as long but you get 3 times more XP. It comes down to which gametype you enjoy more.

Dodgeball maybe/. Low ranked TDM sure. But in the higher ranked matches these modes can last just as long as a KoTH match

I still think no quit rewards would help more than matchmaking penalties. If they made a major reward for not quitting x amount of days in a row it would solve most of the problem. It needs to be a reward that everyone wants.

But how do you differentiate between a quit and a disconnect or game crash?

I read somewhere on the forum that most of game modes could be played either in social or in ranked match. And that is a good design choice.

Most of people leaving, I think, just don’t want to tryhard. But their only options are to go social where they play with bots and can’t choose the mode they want, or to choose the mode but playing ranked although they just want to have fun.

This wouldn’t be a problem if there were enough players so they would play with/against players at the same level as themself, even in ranked.
I understand TC did this on Gears 4 to reduce waiting time. But I think if you don’t let players choose what they want, they leave. Just like they did …

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