KOTH mvp should be who player that holds the ring longest

So tired of being the only one holding the ring and effectively winning the match for the try hards looking for kills particularly in the new mode.


At this point I’d rather they switched koth for blitz.
At least that would still play like koth before the point change. People would be forced to play for the ring and not just disappear hunting kills, letting the other team cap the hill.


To all you players who believe that the only way to win koth is by camping and holding the ring:

Please, I beg of you, stay out of my lobbies


You can win KOTH without holding the ring?


My point being that a LOT of players seem to think that that the only point of koth is getting caps, and that these players tend to ignore the fact that they are able to cap because other players on their team are getting kills.
Of course the objective is the ring, and all players should try and cap/hold it in order to win, but it more often than not is the slayers in the game that is responsible for the win


And the unsung heroes controlling the power weapons.



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Exactly the point of the 300 points per ring being taken away…I only play koth and I can get around 80 elims per game and around 15 caps and a few breaks…it’s these noobs that lose us the game thinking they just have to cap and when you get into onyx 3 and diamond that is just not good enough to stand around at ring.good players push out and set up around the openings to the ring to stop enemy’s getting close to it…


I wish KOTH went back to the Gears 2 variant where you needed at least 1 guy in the ring/hill at all times (hence king of the HILL) to gain points.

Could gain x amount of points per second and label it as Time in Objective or something similar. Agree with the rest of the posters that just capping the hill =/= winning, especially if those players don’t contribute in team fights or lose the hill instantly while solo.


Agreed, Power weapons and map supremacy is just as important as the ring. You have to win all aspects of the game to have success in Koth. IF you neglect the weapons and your support positioning with tunnel vision on the ring, it’s going to be very hard to win.


Isn’t that the point of escalation though?? Koth is good the way it is.i get many close games and can get mega sweaty I prefer it like this but there are some useless players on ranked who should not even be on there

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And I always get the most terrible players on my team who haven’t even reached 1st re-up gggrrr

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Thats because the matchmaking is absolute trash.

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Players shouldn’t even be in ranked until a certain level as they are just tourists browsing from game pass absolutely a joke.They end up being utterly terrible or just quit.it makes ranked almost unplayable sometime especially when you lose so many points for losing a game

They said they are going to lock ranked behind a certain level at some point.

Two of my friends are absolutely horrendous at KOTH, but i play with them anyways. The biggest problem is the matchmaking. Im Gold 2 if im teamed up with 2 Bronze I’s i shouldnt be facing squads from the Masters list or high level Diamonds.

I certainly agree with parts of this, but there is a balance, to be sure. I’ve played many matches where our team was out-slayed badly, but still won because we knew how to control the ring.

As @Drinkands_im said, controlling power weapons is the single most important thing that a “slayer type” player can do, especially if they are playing lone wolf w/o team communication. If you have a “slayer type” player just running around aimlessly hunting kills, then it’s much less effective as that player will alter spawn points, be out of reach of the ring, etc…

To your point though, the opposite is just as bad if you have a teammate who spawns, runs straight to the hill, dies, repeat. That player is doing almost nothing to help with hill control aside from breaking, but then you are 4v5 or worse and are on the defensive the whole match.

I still don’t like the huge point decrease for caps/breaks though. They’ve over-corrected the issue and now there is virtually no point reward for ring control at all, which is no good for an objective based game type. 150/100 or so would be a happy medium.


I think there should be points for ring defenses, sort of like COD if you prevent a break in Domination.

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would LOVE that for sure.

The thing is they made the points match up with the ranking system to minimize confusion. Only kills, deaths and caps count towards rank. And caps are minimal.