Koth let's play

So I’m going to be putting some serious hours into this game today. Hit me up if you wanna play mic no mic doesn’t matter your rank either, I just wanna have a better percentage change of not having a quitter on my team. GT is the same xxxGauntletxxx. Be on in next 20min or so. I’m on West coast Cali server.

This should have been in the “Wanna Play?” Section

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I flagged it than unflagged it. Couldn’t create topic error. So it stays.

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Have you tried posting in the Looking For Group (LFG) section through Xbox live? You can specify which game mode and what your looking for in teammates. I’ve been able to muster a full team of strangers within minutes and many have turned out to be cool dudes and dudettes.

I went to group yesterday only two ppl were active. Sat in lobby no communication so I’ll rather do randoms

You can specify #havemic or #communicate, etc and kick out any that don’t. I’ve never had any problem getting 5 cooperating people together using LFG.

At any rate, it was just a suggestion. I’kk be on in 1.5 hrs if you still need someone then. I’ll recheck this thread at that time.

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Thread been moved to Wanna Play section, if you haven’t noticed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also you just need to change the thread category rather than create a duplicate thread by editing the category from the existing thread

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I’ll be on just playing. Just checked groups only two groups for koth both have none and there already in a match. Oh well gonna get my grind on.

Still need a player? Msg TCC Condor

You were right found a cool quick group to roll with real quick. Couple uk players were in group so only a couple people ping were high at any given time on both teams but crazy we were 6-0 dominating and my rank points percentage went down 8 points I had one MVP and played decent not much to do when opposite team couldn’t break ring. So if there was any kind of doubt whatsoever about this ranking system it’s completely obliterated. This **** is BROKEN AND STRAIGHT UP STUPID!

That sucks. Glad u found a good crew to roll with though.

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