KOTH Leaderboard Issue?

Yes, just base it off the individual player… I don’t understand why every game company is trying to do “something new” and break it… when the “old way” was simple and effective…

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The GP system should not of even come in the first place. Look at the pictures proving how unbalanced it is.

What was even wrong with the old points system? Truth is don’t touch something that ain’t broken.


I get where you’re sort of coming from, but then you look at @lBelch for example, totally carried his team but manages to come in 4th place because if the GP system?

I get the GP system in general but the old leaderboard system was more consistent in terms of if you worked your back side off in the round you were recognised for it. Now you do it and still manage to come 4th in the game and somebody who hasn’t worked nearly as hard as you manages to come 1st or 2nd place.

Strange how it works out really but anyway who am I :joy:

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@dr_eggman19 I am not for this GP System - just stating how everything is becoming a “gold star for everyone”…

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Also when you beat a team 2-0 shouldn’t you technically get more points than when you win 2-1? The whole ranking system is broken at the moment. Onyx 1 is the new masters

Yeah totally agree.

Whoever came up with the current scorecard needs to be fired, tar and feathered, rehired, and then fired again.

at least I wasn’t last this time :joy::sunglasses:

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:joy::joy::joy: you still can’t write it can you. 142 eliminations and 34 downs? And you still come third.

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There are no TRUE leaderboards. That’s too old-school for TC