KOTH Leaderboard Issue?

I don’t know if this is just me, but does any one else have issues in terms of Gears points in KOTH?.

How can you be coming first or second on the KOTH leaderboard with 25 captures of the ring and say you’ve broken the ring 12 times and your ahead in terms of kills. One of your teammates captures the ring 10 times and breaks the ring 6 times, but finishes the the whole game round and manages to come before you with the less captures/breaks/eliminations? Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Not sure if this issue has been mentioned before so apologies if there is another thread.


There’s a max GP cap for each action in the scoreboard.

Once you get enough ring caps, breaks, and eliminations, you stop getting GP for those particular actions.

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That happens because of the cap for each “item” . 10 max for ring caps, 5 for breaks and I think its 60 for eliminations.

If I get 10 caps, 5 breaks and 61 eliminations, I will outscore someone who gets 10 caps, 100 kills but only 4 breaks.

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Please don’t confuse kills with elims. Kills don’t show up on the scoreboard at all.

This is what I was confused about, I got around 25 captures, 6 breaks and about 35 eliminations.

Another player got about 19 captures, 4 breaks and about 28 eliminations and shot right up to second on the leaderboard once the game had finished, despite playing 4th on the leaderboard all the way through the game.

Myself and other players were like what has just happened? :hushed:

They scrapped the damage system.

They want everyone to feel included.

If you have 110 elims they want you to feel proud. But in reality I’ve seen people with over 100 elims with less than 65,000 points… which is terrible…

I’ve had 60 elims with over 100,000 points because I went for kills & put myself in harms way as opposed to hiding.

It’s become hide & spray now.

If you want to be a game changer that’s no longer rewarded.

Very sad how dirty they did gears just to please people who couldn’t keep up.

Now we have falsified scores to satisfy everyone…

I remember on TDM I had a friend go 21-8. On this gp system that be amazing. But she had less than 700 points… i had like 4,000 with a similar score.

Just to show how drastic this gp system is.

What can you do? Nothing.

That’s how it is now…


This explains it now haha

Thanks for that, makes sense now what is happening. Doesn’t make me feel as bad now when suddenly I’m coming say 2nd or 3rd during the whole round with over 25 breaks and 65 eliminations then suddenly I shoot to the bottom of the leaderboard and somebody who’s performed not as good, in terms of performance, then comes first.

Like you say it’s all on those Gears points and trying to include everyone. Wish we could go back to the classic leaderboards.

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I honestly don’t like the GP system.

Does my opinion matter? No.

But from a loyal player who played nothing but gears since I was 13 that’s just how I feel.

Of course my loyalty doesn’t matter either… which I recently found out… so I’ve been doing other stuff…

Only reason I’m on here is because I did not appreciate what they did to gears of war.

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You see I think Gears is in good hands with TC, but I just think things like this issue with the Leaderboards for example, are just little petty things that could be fixing by some tweaking.

Obviously it won’t change because it’s only just changed to the Gears points not so long back.

By the way, of course your opinion matters, every Gears fan has an important opinion, that’s what makes the community.

Everything wrong with the current scoring system. I’m considered the least valuable player in this game. I don’t mind them capping the points for elims, caps & breaks but don’t let it effect who the MVP is.


I know exactly how you feel, this was me the other day which is why I created the thread. I know exactly where you’re coming from.

Most eliminations and downs but come last on the leaderboard? Doesn’t make any sense really.

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Imagine killing all those people but not even having the decency to break the enemy ring more than 3 times.

Shameful! I hope it’s cold down there on the scoreboard.

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Just ignore the 24 caps then. It’s not all about breaks, it’s all about ring control and playing smartly. A teammate could have got a break knowing he would die and the opposing team recap straight away. Your comment is just bitter and you’re probably jealous you couldn’t drop that many elims.

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Oh dear.

Actually my entire post was insanely sarcastic based on the fact you were the best in the team. I highlighted the breaks since that’s all that made you lowest on the scoreboard thanks to the flawed system.

I even hinted at the sarcasm by giving your post a :+1:

Ho ho ho :christmas_tree:

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My bad I’m using safari and didn’t see you liked the post. To me it didn’t look like you were being sarcastic so forgive my response.

Merry Christmas man :rofl::sweat_smile:


You are unforgiven :heart:


No worries, I’ll let you away with it. Have a good one :santa:


Crazy isn’t it, 121 eliminations and 30 downs but last on the leaderboard.

Hope TC look at this eventually. I get the overall Gears point system, but the way the scores are calculated at the end just isn’t fair.

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I think also the stat leaderboard is broken and hasn’t updated in months. My KD seems to have stayed the same from week 1 as well as everyone else on my friends list. What’s wrong with games played, won / lost & kills / deaths. Bring back gears 1 leaderboard stats


Yeah it’s a complete joke. If it was a Classic Gears scoreboard you’d clearly be MVP. But instead it can now be awarded to someone who does half the effort in the current state.

I think the old Score points system has to make a return. As a lot of fans are getting frustrated with this. Myself included, should never of changed to GP in the first place.

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The point @GuiltyCrisis was trying to make was this was not a mistake… it was intentional, and they switched it from how it used to be.

Remember, with business, everything that requires time costs money…

They spent time not only making it, but also planning it out on a drawing board figuring out how it’s all going to work.

I’m sure multiple people were involved, and wages were paid, which resulted in this “gold star for everyone” approach…

It’s a game… if you do good, you should get points…

Not… if you do good, we have to make sure the others are at least close to make everyone happy…

A game… whether that be hockey, basketball, or a video game… is a game.

There is someone who wins, and someone who loses.

If someone is better than another, they should be rewarded for that to encourage them to work harder at getting better.

Not an average player who will never get better because they don’t have the natural skill like some people have … which is why they are where they are… (professional sports players… pro esports players… etc.)

The more a game goes the “gold star for everyone approach”, the less the distance between the best and the worst, because they are trying to make everyone “average”…

Harsh, but that’s the reality of it.

A good game needs to set a high level of competitiveness, because even the low-skilled players, in their own skill-based matches, will still have an enjoyable experience, because it takes skill to kill someone (especially with a game like Gears… as the shotgun takes a long time to learn how to blind-fire accurately!)

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