KOTH just isnt as fun w/o flashbangs and with way too much Lancer. Its now TDM 2.0

Dont really care about you minority few that cried about flashes. Your opinion won’t change no matter what. I get taking flashes out of tdm. But the whole feel of KOTH has changed. All I hear now is lancers. Over and over. Skilled players that know maps and rotations very well do nothing now but post up in their high ground vantage points and lay down Lancer fire from afar. Its all about mass elims. The last 10 matches I’ve played, I’ve quadrupled everyone…my team…the other team w/breaks because nobody in ranled plays the objective. Its all about k/d, high elims…that is what tdm was created for. And once a good team gets dug in, its hard to take the.hill back now wo/flashes. Yes, I can still find a window for breaks, but it’s a death sentence. And so much suppressive fire is being laid dowm, usually i get the break, nobody else dives in b/c too many bullets are flying, and the team just re-caps it. And still, caps and breaks are way undervalued , but that’s a whole nother post. The whole game has changed. Flashes need to come back, and The gameplay settings need to go back to the last 2 weeks of OP 2. The lancer clip and active buff has made KOTH way too assault rifle oriented

The only unfairness I felt is that as low ranked players our team was getting matched against people with Masters skins from OP2.

Also…somehow we managed to get constantly flashed in KOTH despite it being a pickup. Theses pros adapt fast.

It’s the maps dude, they are the real problem here.
A well designed map would allow for better pushes and mean there was cover from high points and somewhere to use a power weapon to break the set up from. These maps have none of that.

This is partially the fault of the flash (well the stun bit) as TC have designed the maps with using the stun to make pushes as the defacto way to play the game.

Personally I’m glad flashes are gone, I hate stuns, and the flash bit wasn’t well implemented.
If it s finally highlighting to more players just how awful the map design is then all the better.
I think all the maps have been way too much lancer since the get go.

Honestly the lancer was perfect before OP3. Maybe give em 2 or 3 bullets extra…not 10, that’s insane lol.

Koth is a lancer nightmare right now totally madness

What was that Rod or Ryan said in an interview before launch? Keeping the VS game centric around one weapon (gnasher) for 13+ years is not the way to grow the franchise… Something to that effect…

So now it"s about the lancer, lol…

Flashes were annoying but you do need SOMETHING to break setups. GoW4 smoke exploded too slow…they should have just given us the GoW4 smoke with instant detonation, like the flash has…

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I’ll be honest, this is the most experimental I have ever been in a Gears game with weapons. Not so much because of mechanics like the flashbangs, and map design encouraging Lancer fire. However, instead because the Gnasher has felt so incredibly inconsistent, that I am borderline afraid to use it in some scenarios. This is the first Gears game where 75%+ of my kills aren’t exclusively my Gnasher, for better or for worse.

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What about the flashbangs they’ve made available as pickups (replacing my beloved Boltok in some cases?) If you feel fbangs are so essential to breaking hills, have you been grabbing them off the map at every opportunity?

@magicalpig76 I grab them when I can. Its not like I sit there holding tac com until I see flashes and then run off and grab them. I dont understand the vitriol against flash bangs. Yes, you died sometimes when people used them on you. But, you’d rather have 25% of the map covered in smoke? Yes, stacks used them in coordinated strikes. But stacks are what is annoying. Not the coordinated flashbang attack. And I didn’t ask TC to put flashes as pickups. I think that is annoying. Every body had a choice. Smoke or stun. Even the smoke from 4 had a stun. But designing maps with cover and distances that required stuns,and then removing them…doesn’t make a lot of sense. And the Lancers are just annoyingly too much. Its literally TDM in a koth lobby. I did have a good time playing against you last week on asylum. You got a bad draw with some of your team. You played well.
@Crazyjacknuts by then End of Op2, I think the game was.in the best place its been. I was having a ton of fun the last couple of weeks of 2. Gnasher felt good. Gameplay felt pretty good and balanced. The Lancer meta is awful. I don’t enjoy playing tdm in KOTH.

The vitriol is that flash effect was poorly designed. Smoke stuns are the way to go imo. Screen is obscured, enemy is disabled, nobody’s eyes and ears are bleeding irl.

If you talk about this you have to include the freaking aim assit. giving aim assit to a diamond or master players and then letting them in to a bronze match or silver is just no fun.

I still think a key problem is the mix. if they fix match making it be beter why would a bronze or silver playyer want to play a stacked team of gold onyx or diamond with flashbange. would that not be the same as stromger lancers.

maybe thats it they off seeting the talent pool since they can not get match making right.

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It is unfair to play with people with a rank higher than you, but it is also unfair to play with people with a lower rank than you and lose points for that, it has happened to me in all my games today. (I was diamond 3, now I’m going for 2.)

@TC_Clown would have nobody to play with

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Lancer is still op & ppl think they’re good cos they lancer from all sides :roll_eyes:.
Quick match isn’t so bad so if i feel like playing i go with that.
They’ve made playing this game a chore. I’d avoid ranked with all the lancers.

yes agree, but who ends up wores i go from silver one back down to Bronze 3 vs diamond 3 to diamond 2.

I am not sure there is any answer to this ongong issues .

Im in silver 2 and i vs people that are in onxy my brother is in onxy and he vs them in his lobbies so idk how i am vsing them while i am in silver i recognise their gamertags
Its probably cos the game is so crap there is only the same few people playing it

Hard disagree. The flashes were a dumb mechanic. It’s not good game design to allow players to spawn with an item that prevents other players from controlling their character. It’s just not fun. It was frustrating to have a good set up and get hit with the old “I win” button of flash grenades. And it was even dumber that it would hit you around/through cover or even if you’d turned away from the blast. I’m sorry but that’s stupid. And even now, the smoke provides a more fun and fair infiltration method. Smoke gets you an opportunity to break while not crippling the victim. It’s SO much better.

That said, any issue with indefensible hill in my opinion breaks down to ring placement. The shock spawns on foundation are particularly awful to break if the enemy controls it. Or on Drydock back in Gears 4, the ring spawn at trishot…borderline impossible to break. So what needs to happen is the rings need to be in less impregnable locations.

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