KOTH is not like other game modes and shouldn't be treated the same

KOTH is an objective based game and kills do not determine skill. Winning in KOTH is not like winning in TDM, 2V2 Gashed, or Free For All. In those game modes a game ends once a team or player has reached a certain number of kills, or has eliminated everyone else. KOTH doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t matter how many kills you get, the game doesn’t end until someone scores a certain amount of points.

This is where the difference is most relevant. KOTH players are being ranked based on a system that’s designed for kill based, non-objective based gameplay. It may not actually happen, but a player could rack up kills on KOTH without ever having capped, letting his team worry about that, and still end up MVP and having his rank move up. That’s insane and makes no sense. That’s like a basketball player getting points for stealing the ball, but never scoring any shots or dunks. And yes, I know basketball doesn’t give individual points, but you get what I mean.

Just now I was in a match where one guy wouldn’t move, except to defend himself and not get booted, and amother guy left, leaving me and the other player to try and win on our own. The other team intentionally didn’t cap until they had their fill. They could’ve kept us in an infinite slaughter since there’s no time out in KOTH (at least none that I’ve seen). I really don’t know what to do in those situations since the only thing I could do to improve my points was get kills, which I did, but ultimately equaled up to nothing because even if I went Rambo on everyone, it wouldn’t matter if I couldn’t score enough points with caps.

Unfortunately this rank system encourages “farming” kills instead of capping the hill.

This is one of many situations that proves TC doesn’t play their game outside their happy land LAN.


Objectively speaking, it is harder to get kills than breaks or cap, and thus is a better way of measuring overall skill. If you get a lot of caps, its either because you slayed the other team and kept them off the ring or your teammate(s) slayed and you piggybacked of their success. Caps are ultimately tied to kills.

Yes… after killing the whole team the hardest part is clearly capping the hill.

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It’s funny you bring up the basketball thing. I’d do this thing with my friends where we change the stats into basketball terms and kills always translated to points. Caps were more like rebounds and downs were assists. KOTH may not be all about kills but they are important. I don’t tend to cap a lot but I push a lot and create openings for my team to come in and finish the job. You need people like that

That’s not very progressive of you

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