KOTH Hills Take Too Long To Break

I’m sure this comes down to latency, but it really does feel like KOTH rings take too long to break. There have been many times where I’ve run through the entire ring with no one else in it, and still didn’t get the break. What is the official time it takes to get a ring break? Is it faster with more teammates standing in the hill with you? Is it a static timespan that must be satisfied?

Genuinely curious, because it seems very inconsistent a lot of the time.


It will break when you are in it during a tick/second.

If you’re in it at 45.8 seconds to 45.1 seconds it won’t break. If you’re in it from 45.1 seconds to 44.9 seconds it will break.




Gotta time it just like the gnasher. Otherwise you’ll end up with an 87% break.


At 60 ticks/second (server tick rate), running across the entire hill should definitely be the full length of tick, even with latency. Tick != second.

If it’s one full second to break the hill, I’m fine with that, so long as it’s made clear. Overall, it just feels inconsistent.

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It used to always break instantly in older Gears games if I recall… if they changed it in 5, yet another uneeded change to add to the list :man_facepalming:

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Gears 4 IMO was worse. Easily in the double digits running through the hill with no breaks in that game.


Yes I remember this.

You could run across the ring and it wouldn’t break.


It was fun for me and my whole family.

Pretty much have to establish yourself in the circle.

If you don’t establish it won’t break & yes it can suck but that’s the game. You can’t just run or barely go inside & die.

I get what you’re saying but you have to insert yourself. If you just love tap it won’t do.

That’s the only way it will break for sure.


If we told you that, it would make the game less frustrating, thus taking the fun out of it.

There is formal, informal, and TC logic. In TC logic, infuriating glitches, bugs, and unspecified mechanics add to a more dynamic and enjoyable game. Embrace the rage. Use it to rek your opponents

I can say from my experience this doesn’t work sometimes haha

Nah its nothing to do with establishing as I’ve broke it while dying to multiple enemies and there’s times I’ve ran straight through the middle and no enemies and it didn’t break, its ‘broke’

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Yeah I was referring to the tick of a second. Not a server tick.

That’s why there’s inconsistency. Sometimes it will take a full second. Other times a fraction of a second. It depends on when you got into the circle. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the circle. Just that you’re in the circle at the moment of the next tick.

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Running through the entirety of the hill from one side to the other, in the MIDDLE of the ring should definitely be a break. I get what you’re saying, I just wish it was more apparent as to what it takes to actually get a break.

Sometimes you step in and it’s relatively quick. Other times you step in for what seems like well over a second, get killed, and still no break.


Oddly if you’re DBNO and crawl into the ring, it seems to break instantaneously.


It’s frustrating for sure. I’m not claiming to be a perfect breaker.

Sometimes it does take a full second or second and a half.

I remember annex you barely put the tip of your lancer & broken… lol

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Thought I was the only one who noticed…sometimes it will break instantly, other times you’re in there and body 2 people but die to the 3rd and it doesn’t break. I’m all for tweaking the hill!


I was actually testing this in a private match with one of my buddies yesterday and we found the same inconsistencies that you mentioned. Sometimes it would break right away, and others it would take over a second.