KOTH? Goodbye Annex, you will be missed

Just wanted to say excellent job on the accessibility options guys. For real, they are the best I’ll probably ever see. But…who is in charge of the points system for KOTH? Fire him. Now. To play the objective, you need incentive. This person doesnt know this.? There is no longer a incentive to get the hill. Also why is it only ranked koth?, and the new modes arent. The new modes are crap. I’m sorry. But you ARE ruining this game. For real. I didnt want to believe it myself. Just remake gears 3 please. Ps Ive never complained about a game like this. Ever.


I mean my incentive for going for the hill is winning the game personally. Yes, roaming for kills can be effective but my best games have always been when I’m constantly fighting for the objective.

Also correct me if I’m wrong, annex is literally the exact same as current KOTH except points wouldn’t go down if the ring wasn’t capped. They should bring back the true KOTH mode from Gears 2.

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Please post about this topic in the linked thread.

Thank you.