KOTH clan or party?

How do I find ppl to link up with and play KOTH or escalation? I’ve been a solo layer for years but I see that in order to rank up I need to find a team to join

LFG on the xbox or wanna play section here

Another option could be to just play very well in some solo games and then get invited by a squad of 3-4. That’s how I got started.

I’ve never LFG’d myself but I was with someone who did it once and it was really awkward for me.

Just playing solo has gotten me a lot of invites and adds. I’m not an amazing player but I make helpful callouts, know winning strats, and I try my *** off. It’s to the point that I’m turning down requests to play every day. The people I do end up playing with are the ones that can laugh and have fun.

And that’s happened where I’ll get the invite to parties by playing well. But that’s how I wanna play all the time now that I’ve gotten serious about gears again. I hate hate hate playing with quitters, afk, and people who don’t use strategy and just go for kills