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KOTH Capping, Breaking and Supporting

(RedDoog888) #1

Hi Gear Community,

Just hoping to get clarification as i a seem be getting slammed a lot on KOTH. Some games i have high caps and breaks others I do not. It tends to follow if i am having a good K/D game

  1. Do I or should I go into the ring and Cap if its been capped?
  2. If its capped and i go in to i also get credit for capped?
  3. If the ring is half capped should i jump in and help cap it quick?
  4. If it is half capped and i help do i gate credit?
  5. If the ring is capped when i get there is it better to support and cover access points to the ring?
  6. If the ring is capped is it a good idea to go on offense beyond cover the ring?
  7. Higher level players with big K/D will have more gaps then a lower level correct?

(AliceInChainsaw) #2
  1. Do I or should I go into the ring and Cap if its been capped?

Depends. Use situational awareness. If you need to defend the literal ring, than yes head into it. However, don’t stand in the capped ring and wait for the enemy to come attack it. Defending the ring doesn’t need to be literal - after cap spread out and defend the areas leading to the ring.

  1. If its capped and i go in to i also get credit for capped?

No, you only get credit for capping if you are in the ring when it is capped, not after.

  1. If the ring is half capped should i jump in and help cap it quick?

Depends. If you are right there, than yeah step in. But if you have to leave a giant hole in the defense or flat out ignore an enemy just to grab the points from the cap… that can be frowned upon and screw you later when attackers are right behind you now.

  1. If it is half capped and i help do i gate credit?

  2. If the ring is capped when i get there is it better to support and cover access points to the ring?

  3. If the ring is capped is it a good idea to go on offense beyond cover the ring?
    Yes, at times. Start planning for the next ring and leave the current one about 10 - 20 seconds left on timer to set up for the next one before the enemy bogarts it.

  4. Higher level players with big K/D will have more gaps then a lower level correct?
    I’m not sure what you mean by gaps.

(magicalpig76) #3
  1. Do you mean break the cap the other team is holding? It depends on how many enemies are holding the ring. If there are only 2 enemies at the ring and you can break the ring and kill one, that would be a good move on your part. Even though you’re likely to die, the one remaining enemy will have to wait 10 seconds or so to recap the ring on their own. If there are many enemies at the ring, your sacrifice will not amount to much because it will only take a couple of seconds for them to re-cap if 3 or more are in the ring.
    You should also consider what your tac-com tells you about your teammates’ positions. If they are near the ring, that should push you towards making the decision to rush the ring. But if you’re out on your own, and there are more than 2 enemies at the ring, you’ll gain very little by pushing for the ring on your own (I’m assuming you’re not a monster player who can survive a 2- or 3-against-one battle.
  2. You get credit if it becomes capped while you’re standing in the ring. So, jump in there at the last moment before the ring becomes captured and you will get the 200 points or whatever it is.
  3. Definitely. I would say securing the capture should be the number one priority and you should try to get it capped as quickly as possible.
  4. Yes you do. I believe you get the same credit as everyone else who helped capture the ring. It doesn’t matter who was in there first or for how long.
  5. This depends on the map. On a map like Reclaimed it’s good for someone to watch the steps leading up to the rings on each end of the map (where the boltok or retro lancer spawns.) On a map like Relic , when the ring is in the wide open areas, I like to hang back and lancer the enemies that get close enough to engage in upclose gnaser fights with my teammates.
    When your team has the ring, this could be a good time to grab a power weapon. I wouldn’t leave 1 teammate alone at the ring, but I would leave 2 or more behind to go grab the frags, for example.
  6. Not sure.
  7. Do you mean “caps”? Not necessarily. I am not very good at killing when it comes to one-on-one gnasher battles, but I often get MVP in KOTH. I focus on the caps and breaks. Other players on my team will build their score by getting a huge number of kills

My 2 main pieces of advice for KOTH would be:

  1. do not to waste an opportunity to break the ring. All you have to do is dip a toe in the ring for 1 second to break it. If you are fighting on the edge of the ring, just get yourself inside the perimeter during your fight.
  2. do not get caught up in fights that don’t help you break the ring or secure the ring. In other words, if someone wants to play chicken with you (you’re both hiding in cover waiting for the other to make a move) on the other side of the map, just run away, leave it alone. Get yourself to the ring instead. Sometimes, especially when the opponent has the ring, I’ll encounter an enemy on my way towards the ring and I’ll just keep running past them.

(RedDoog888) #4

sorry Typo.

what meant was caps?

(mike yaworski) #5
  • Once your team fully caps the ring, going in the ring does nothing.
  • If the ring is capped by the other team, breaking it gives you 100 points. And it adds 1 break to the scoreboard.
  • If you cap a ring, you get 300 points. And it adds 1 cap to the scoreboard. It doesn’t matter when you started helping. If you leave before it’s done capping, you get 0 points and 0 caps on the scoreboard.


Move out just enough to make it difficult for the enemy to get close to the ring and camp there. If you turtle and stay on the ring, they can smoke and push very easily.

Not necessarily. If anything, it’s the opposite. K/D has nothing to do with caps. If teammates are capping, the guy with the high K/D doesn’t need to cap as well. Often times the lower level players stick around to cap the hill and the higher level players roam looking for kills.

(Omen LP) #6

Hold on, wait, what?? You mean you are NOT supposed to defend the ring by sitting in the ring with your gnasher out, waiting for the enemy team to smoke and kill you?? Really? I must really tell me team mates that, I guess they just didn’t get the memo…

Yeah, yeah, sacrasm… So many times I look back towards our ring on the taccom and I see 1-2 of my team mates doing just that… Randoms, eh?

(RedDoog888) #7

Yeah i am not a monster player.


All replies on here confirm my thoughts as well, but i seem to get yelled it cause my caps are low. some of it because i am supporting and not pushing a 1 v 3.

Some time the ring is at half with 2 players so i go to support right way and not help finish the cap.

(Omen LP) #8

If you are interested, a very good introduction to some KOTH tips/tricks from an awesome player. I don’t think he addresses any of the specific things you asked about, this is more about other KOTH ideas/strategies/etc… Only 6min long.

(RedDoog888) #9


I am on it…

Side note:

I had to stop playing with the onyx team as my rank feel almost back to bronze from silver 2. i have it back up now, but they want me to play with them. It a tough call, cause i am so out of my depth and even when we win i get nothing from it. Maybe this video will help me so i can play on there team. I am lucky that they except my level of play even if it cost them a game.

(Omen LP) #10

Yeah, I know what you mean. I had the extract same situation, playing with some onyx/diamond players several months ago, when i was just learning how to play…

The problem is, there are very few people playing this game these days, and virtually all posts on LookingForGroup are looking for Onyx+ players… It is hard to find low ranked people to play with…

Now, I will give you on big advice here. Close up gnasher combat is THE most difficult part of this game, and this is where the difference between beginners and really experienced players is the most visible… So, if you are in a game with much better opponents, stay away from them!!! Don’t try to kill them with your gnasher!!! Stay away, back, and lancer them… Spot them… Pay attention to power weapon timers and try and pick up and use power weapons (frags, etc)… Help support your team mates, if they are fighting someone, use your lancer to shoot their opponent… All the while watch and learn strategies… You CAN get better playing with/against much better oppponents, but you have to understand that you cannot get into gnasher battles with them, you will just die, a lot, and learn nothing and become frustrated.

Learn the timing and the features of the chainsaw, so if someone gets in your face while you are lancering, you can try and defend yourself with the chainsaw (rather than trying to switch to the gnasher, and die before that animation is finished)…

There are things you can learn… Don’t worry about rank, it’s super late in the game’s life cycle, gears 5 will be coming out in few months, just treat all games between now and then as practice/training, and don’t care if you win or lose, if you rank up or down, just LEARN from each and every round…

(RedDoog888) #11

yep, I agree pretty much where i am at. i am going to try and knock of my last remaining 8 achievement as well.

(l Ar Ci l) #12

You should take a break from Ranked and try the Gnasher’s event.
You can learn one or 2 things there, even though is competitive settings helps you with your movements around the maps.
Ranked is more about having 3 to 4 friends playing with you otherwise going solo seems a top hill battle at times why? because many times 1,2, even 3 players quit,
I know that because happens to me frequently and that’s a factor on you going negative in your Rank, just before I stopped doing Ranked I was Onyx one 43. something percent after playing 5 games with players quitting on my team I went down to Onix one 23 percent
at this point I don’t think many players go alone into KOTH!
I’m not planning on going to Ranked now, I’m having fun playing the special event lol
if your goal is placement then you should tag alone some skillful players but if you do it just for the fun/love of the game well shouldn’t matter skill level or if you are a good asset to the team …
in Ranked KOTH! many factors can give you a high or lower percent. and quitters in your team can affect your Ranking regardless of good performances.
so bottom line you need a team in order to exceed cause going solo could be good but most of the times are bad.

(Drinkands im) #13

Try to do some 2v2 Gnashers. That has helped me a ton in KOTH. And after that some Arms Race. That is my next thing. Im Onyx 1 76% in Gnashers and that will help you win more 1v1. And make sure you dont charge into outnumbered situations. Lancer for assists and to weed out a guy here and there. If the cap is full of enemies you need frags or a power weapon.

(Redfox888) #14

When you go looking for trouble it will find you. This is actually a useful tactic especially when your teammate keeps going hunting and dieing on his own. Now if your teammate is actually hunting people down and the other 4 can cover the hill for the ones he misses then no dont camp the hill because your gonna get smoked. Only 1 should stay near it to cover the two entrances that can be covered by the other three and then you should be bouncing between the two so you can cover one and help your teammate cover the other. Hopefully they catch on and start a rotation with you.

(Omen LP) #15

The most extreme example of support play, hahaha.

There is about 3500 points which is not accounted for in the stats on the scoreboard, that was the lancer assist damage. I realized about 90seconds into this game that I wasn’t going to get a lot (any?) gnasher kills, so I stopped using the gnasher - my lancer was shooting NON STOP the whole game. I would go get myself killed as soon as I run out of ammo…

(RedDoog888) #16

so i am curious.

did you gain anything in rank from the match above?

(Redfox888) #17

He should have gained some. Probably not very much with only 4 kills but that scoreboard doesn’t show downs which count to. Plus his team is ranked lower overall and they where most likely expected to lose by the ranking system.

(Omen LP) #18

Ohhh, honestly, I don’t check rank anymore, definitely not on this account… Actually I recently got demoted, down to Gold 2 (I reached onyx 2 on a new account)…

All the games between now and Gears 5 are just practice, so I’m trying to do things which I’m not very good at, to try and get better. The above was a case where I was in good company, so then I DO focus and do the things I’m good at… When I play with Streamers (Shadowz, Dutchy, Fg4gs, etc) I sweat, but beyond that I just do practice runs to get better for 5.

(III EnVii III) #19

I wanna see you in the event over the weekend.

Sounds like your ready to lay the smack down on everyone.

(Omen LP) #20

Huh, what? No… I don’t lay smack on anyone… This weekend I have several kids’ birthday parties to go to, I probably won’t be doing any gaming (not sure what event we’re talking about)…