KOTH AND TDM should have warzone rules

I’m pretty sure most of you are new to Gears so you may not know what warzone rules means. In the old Gears games there was a game type called Warzone, it almost identical to Execution game type except in Warzone when you’re down you bleed out. Escalation also has warzone rules and I feel like it works great because it incorporates more team work. That’s why I would like KOTH and TDM to implement warzone rules as well. Currently if you have a teammate that goes down in those game types if they’re any picked off right away they can usually crawl to cover and tap up. Of course everyone likes this because they get to survive more often than not but it poses a problem to team work. I’d like it for there to be a sense of urgency when a teammates gets downed instead of people just people relaxed and saying “oh he’ll just get up”. Warzone rules would enable people to have to play more strategic and as a team. Like giving up a map position because you have to save your teammate. I just simply think the gameplay would improve. That’s all.


Those are some good points. I think that would be a cool idea to implement! Not only to infuse a more traditional experience, but also adding more depth to the tactical and strategic parts of team play/gameplay.

It’s a good way to raise the stakes

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It’s always the smallest things that makes the experience great and thats where tc messes up

they took away quite a few small quirks from what the original series held (Bleedouts , big circle with characters face and direction when downed, destructible environments like shooting wall chunks down, way better gore with bones in chunks) all these small Slight changes and then add tc big changes like the omen health bar to the mix and the game is almost unrecognizable to what the original trilogy was

I will say going back to an older title and playing 5 again the major improvement tc has given us is those beautiful hit markers man I actually love having this feature in 5 Idk about anyone else as tbh I haven’t seen anyone post about these

Back on topic tho I highly agree with this idea…instead of slowing down the slide/bounce speed to slow the gameplay down like they have been they need to implement war zone rules Amongst other things to slow the gameplay down while keeping high strafe/bounce speeds to keep high skill gaps


I don’t agree.

I can already see a team downing everyone & letting them bleed out for points.

Just bring back ranked warzone.

I’m sure it be a welcomed change from what we have now.

Anything would.

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That here is exactly why Epic games swapped Annex to go from Warzone to Execution rules partway through gears 2’s lifecycle.

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