KOTG is a terrible game mode

Why does this mode exist??? It plays so terribly. KOTH is not the right mode to do this in, it just means that every game turns into a brainless ■■■■■■■■■■■ in which the only way to win is to literally just pile bodies on the objective and hope your shots register (which they never do). Just another day of Gears 5 being terrible game. Today made me accept that this game simply isnt worth my time. Hopefully op 5 changes things, but for now Gears 5 is a buggy, laggy boring mess of an experience. I never have fun when I play this game.


So u don’t like it?

Well yes but actually, yes.



Beats TDM right now…

I was a master, on that mode… a top gamer in TDM…

Now I can’t get out of diamond 1 because the higher I get the harder my competition & the more the game feeds me lower players to carry…

TC ruined it for me because a bunch of casuals need a place to go…

Now my teammates don’t try… or corner camp the entire round…

More like Casual Death Match…

At least In king of the hill you can squad up & not worry if your squad will try/give up/ not move/ randomly shoot the air & spin in circles…

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Agreed this games is a complete mess nothing seems to work on it lmao. I see a lot of missed shots getting gibs and I be hitting straight perfect shots and I get like 1pellet or 2 pellets which is crazy because sometimes they aren’t even moving aka wallbouncing or strafing it’s ridiculous.how does one go from diamond 5 gears 4 to I can’t even get kills now hmmm? Something is just not right in this game and anyone that defense this game is just crazy also KOTH is ehhh could be way better if sh. It registers but it doesn’t

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Betting big money you’ll still play it

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Koth is like all I play, but I love fits of rage and aggression :man_shrugging: also who needs to be first when you can be last?

We’ve been getting the same party game modes since gears 3, can we please get something new?image

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Played GOTH for the first time. Really messy mode as OP says. Won’t be playing it again. Only played it to get the ring captures for the weapon skins.

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Apparently you didn’t play older gears games events when they had it.

It played much better in older gears games due to the way shot registration, bullet magnetism and gib range worked. All that stuff is butt in 5, hence why it’s not a fun mode in 5.


My shots seem to register. Weird!

Out of all the things that need addressing in the game, a game mode that you can choose not to play isn’t one of them.

  • Terrible netcode
  • poor hit detection
  • overpowered rifles
  • shotgun gib range/ overall consistency
  • input delay
  • Up A being basically a power weapon
  • health regeneration time

That’s just to name a few that I personally feel need addressing! :joy:

GOTH would actually be the best game mode if the fundamentals of the game actually worked as they should


Yeah we talked about those things a LOOOONNNGGGG TIME AGO so you late son lmao get with it