Known Bugs in Escape and the Store

When playing Escape, randomly my characters will look all their skill cards. Without any notification, I go and check my character and all skill cards are EMPTY. I can’t see how this is a feature so lets just call it a bug

When I purchase items in the store, none of the items like Marks do not appear until I restart.
I should not have to restart the app or the xbox for this refresh to trigger.

When playing escape, with different characters, sometimes the ‘X’ to open up the weapon stashes don’t appear - the result is that you can’t open the weapon stashes. Mac for some reason is more sensitive to this bug than Lahni or Keegan.

Yeah, when i craft items with scrap i’ve had to restart my game to be able to equip them. Frustrating, but way down on my list of ‘please fix this, for the love of jebus! list’.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! Yesh. Noobs can’t tell the difference.