KNIFE SPAMM! Needs to change

I love being in fights wall bouncing so everyone can just knife spam beautiful mechanic. Who else loves getting knifed from far. The game needs the old melee system this one is a jokefor 5.


Yup pretty much. Nothing but knifing and 1% gnasher, feels real good. If you think about it for a second it’s literally judgements hit melee but with a ■■■■■ knife lol

Then everyone will complain about the melee stun.

Wall bouncing is the problem. There is no skill init. Stop complaining

Knifing should have a little delay before and after, so it’s no quicker to knife someone after taking a shot than taking 2 shots, or shooting someone after knifing no faster than 2 shots (with the gnasher, I mean)… Then it would be fine…


Don’t wall bounce like you are on acid and the melee wont happen, simple really

Wall bouncing takes skill, melee doesn’t.

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lol no it doesn’t any lunatic can wall bounce


Sure…you think that lol…

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No not really… kinda the reason TC nerfed the hell out of wallbouncing, Just to lower the skill gap. Wonder why this game is dying quicker than Gears 4? cause 5 is a dumb down experience.


Um no? You can get knifed in literally any situation:


I really love getting reverse two pieced. Glad to have it back, and with no punishment for getting shot while meleeing.


Seriously, how is this auto aim lunging dynamic/mechanic a THING now, in Gears CQB combat!?!?

It auto aims, it pulls you in, and then it leaves you perfectly facing the opponent for a followup gnasher shot, without any delay…

I was, seriously, left with a “w…t…f…” feeling after this…

How is this a THING now!?!?

TC, who thought this was a good idea, in Versus combat?? And why!?!??


If you had one round in your magazine, what would you do?

How do you make someone proper mad for corner camping?

This is useful feature in PvE modes anyway.

This was literally melee range. There was space behind you. Or the left wall cover for right hand advantage. Even you could do same thing to him.

Honestly I’m against watering down things so everyone can do it. If you can’t accomplish something you should work harder for it. Not ask to make it easier.
Look at participation trophy’s. He probably stole it from another comedian but Carlos Mencia said it best. “Participation trophies are ■■■■■■■■! You think you losers accomplished something? Winner don’t just get trophy’s. They get ■■■■■. Losers don’t even get lotion”


That knife is very annoying! I personally don’t use it. If I lose a gnasher fight, then I just lose.

For it to have been enable in gnasher KOTD was beyond me.

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hahaha jesus I’d scream into my teammate’s ears… lol.

What I really like is on the fake news killcam, it will look like he was right next to you the whole time.

huh? I know about the knife range, they need to get rid of it and go back to the old melee, but that isn’t what I was saying, if you wall bounce every where "thinking"you are a good player , the melee soon stops them in their tracks, you could be the best player in the world and it still wont save you.