Knife Gnasher combo

I say combo in the sense that the two strokes are linked together . I was able to test gears 5 and i thank you for that. I have not played gears since gears 2. I liked the gear 1 and the gear 2. Gears 3 I hated it and I did not buy it. Because it was messy . To make it simple in gears 2 there was technique.

Take the gnasher which is the weapon per excellence of gears of war. in the 2 to abrade the fight could be shot cross pull which corresponded to a combo. In gears 3 it was over it did not happen anymore. it was sudden, cross and the opponent could shoot before you what is not logical. in gears 2 after a cross-shot the opponent was out of balance and took the gnasher in the head so it was important to avoid taking the cross shot.

In gears 3 it was I fired you fired I fired you fired no technique we could not even take support on the wall at full speed to get closer and put this famous cross-shot. And even if we put the opponent was shooting before us so cross-shot useless. That’s the reason I did not buy Gears 3 Gears 4 I did not even test. The gears 5 happens I thought I’ll test them.

You have replaced the cross-shot or elbow call it as you want by the knife. The I do not know if it’s the answer term that plays but 2 times out of 10 the combo stabbing gnasher passes then it should be 10 out of 10 if no there is no more technique the game is summarized in the one that empties the best or the one who has titrated first has the advantage. In gears 2 when you hit first you could sometimes catch up with the elbow (key B).

I just hope that you will make sure it’s not a nagging game and that you have to use your head to win some duel and that the combo stab gnasher passes and that the support on the walls is more useful in the duel. Similarly roulades are useless because they are so slow that the opponent has just wait for the end of the roll for you one shot . For the rest I had fun much more than in the demo of gears 3 .

I allow myself to leave my opinion since it is you who ask us to leave remarks of course that is only my opinion but I do not think I’m the only one to think so.

Sorry for my english it is not very good I apologize .

I mean the Knife is only going to be useful at point blank range, which is also Gnasher one shot range. So the knife has its place, but you cant just walk around two piecing people when you have to respect the close range power of the Gnasher.

The knifes place is going to be in between shot delays. Since there is a longer delay between Gnasher shots.

Great when you run out of Gnasher ammo too.


Yup thats the other thing. It could be quicker to use the knife than reloading. So it has a purpose but in no way is it not balanced. There is still a considerable delay between knife strikes. So its use is really when you have at least 50% damage on the enemy at close range. Or you have no other option.

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As i said before somewhere on forums, i feel melee role was downgraded in G4 compared to UE.
In UE it was very useful in close range, but in G4 i feel like i was unable ho hit anybody with melee or it was way too rare, so it was completely forgotten by me.
So i like what they did with a knife. It need some balance for sure, but it looks useful again, maybe it’s role a little bit different now. By role i mean i see UE melee as a stun thing against wallbounce or to prevent enemy deadly shot, not as a damage or weapon to down someone. G5 knife feels more as a damage thing to me.

Yeah, reloading might give 3 rounds. And also it seems easier to run out of ammo.

I find it easier to run out of lancer bullets than Gnasher. But im used to always picking them up.