King Raven & Carmine Skins

Any chance you guys could make these weapon skins craftable??


Now that you’ve asked, I’m sure TC will respond ASAP and release them before you know it :+1:

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What’s the King Raven skins? Just started back a few months ago so I missed a good bit

Your right, those skins should be craftable long time ago.

Haha! Hilarious!

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Nothing interesting but I’m sure if you YouTube Carmine Packs there will be a few videos :+1:

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Carmine is not interesting… i love the unlucky Carmine family…:+1:

I meant the skins :+1:

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They wont because im guessing they want to keep them pack exclusive.

They’re kinda boring but they match the colors of the Carmine skins well.

Regarding these skins, TC has been very stingy with the packs. I think they made 3 appearances, and one was pay-only (charity), so they’re holding them back for sure. At this point, why? Anyone still playing the game and keeping the franchise alive deserves whatever TC has to offer. There’s only a few months in it’s life cycle.

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