King of the hill will convert to 4v4, it's a mistake

I do not think that option to convert this mode so unbeatable, in 4v4. This game mode of 5v5 was like that for a long time in gow 3 and 4, and to change it in such a drastic way would be a fatal mistake.


Yay another thread about the same thing


They are just trying it out for now. It does have its pros and cons, but I don’t believe TC will make the change due to the initial reaction today.

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Tdm should not be 4 v 4 tc isn’t smart.

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4v4 would be great :relaxed:

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Way less crossy 4v4.

Won’t be able to set up a 5v camp in the hill.

It will make for more fun & faster matchmaking since that 5th can go into another game.

I think they realized 5v was just setting matchmaking back in their new ranking system & also the cross was stupid.

4v well definitely empower skill play than just having a wanna be pro team of crossers.

Most maps they been bringing back aren’t built for a 5v. Which is why the cross is so heavy at the moment.

In TDM 4v has been more interesting in the way which people fight over the weapons. You have that one extra lancer to down you for the power weapon or cross from a distance.

I’ve been enjoying less cross in TDM. Only thing that could be debated is stacking. I wouldn’t mind being with more friends. But I’m really enjoying less of a cross so much you can’t believe. I think making it 4v helped. Because 1 has to cross & 1 gnashers I’m a 2 formation. Both can lancer but can be smoked out & it’s not as severe as an extra added lancer.

Never had a problem with 5v in TDM but I can see the difference in 5v to 4v. I’d imagine 4v king would be way less crossy as the formation needed for such a 5v cross will be exposed when it is 4v.

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