King of the hill unplayable/flash bangs

I don’t know about you guys but smokes were annoying as hell in gears 4 king of the hill but at least they helped conceal you if someone chucked one at you in the ring! The flash bangs are too OP and it’s hellish. It blinds you but the user is fine. And multiple flash bangs isn’t fun… can they change it to pickup only in King of the hill and give everyone smokes instead? Would make the mode more enjoyable.

At least allow the stunned person to shoot.
Since when would a flash bang pull my finger off the trigger?

This could help


All I hear in KOTH is: "Flashbang out! or “Incoming flashbang!”

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Lmao I feel you. I play execution mainly (still play other game modes) and it’s pretty much an issue everywhere. They should be a pickup.

Yeah Flashbangs are pretty obnoxious, in KOTH especially. Maybe they should be on a cooldown after use. 30-45 seconds e.g. without after use, spawn with a smoke if on cooldown.