King of the Hill Spawning

I was just wondering why one team ALWAYS spawns on the opposite side of the hill? Hotel for example if the hill is at boom why does my team always spawn at the torque while the other team spawns outside 1 of the doors? It makes no sense. Theres gotta be a way to make the spawns even. Also a team shouldn’t spawn on the power weapon.


But your team could take the Torque Bow should it be there and when approaching through Frag/Incendiary nade, that might be extra fire power.
And then there’s a higher ground shooting advantage over the hill.
It might be easier to just rifle them down.
Just looking at the bigger picture.
There’s three ways to get to the Boomshot hill, the middle and both doorways to outside to cover all angles?

I notice this as well. I hate it both ways because I either feel frustrated, or feel like I’m being given an advantage, which I don’t like either.

I tell teammates not to screw around on the other side of the map because I don’t want to spawn there. But, I sometimes get launched out to BFE for no reason. Like today on Relic when I died in a spawn side hill and spawned on the opposite end of that huge map. Can I at least get a bus pass if you’re going to do that??


I understand where your coming from but I just find it funny that most win/loss come down to spawns. theres been too many game where I spawn at the torque but have to run across the country to get to the hill to stop the win but its impossible. And yes there are 3 ways to the boom but the I gotta run to one of the door where the other team spawned already. Also a team shouldn’t spawn on a power weapon thats just an unfair advantage.

It seems fair to me to try capturing the hill against people defending with rifles and Gnashers.
It’s basically added fire power.

I think your missing the point

Problem is that the weapon usually isn’t there. And there are several maps, spawning far away from the hill doesn’t even mean you spawn on or near a weapon. For example, Impact. One team spawns up top right beside the hill and one team spawns up top on the other side of the map. Spawning far away isn’t giving you a power weapon advantage.

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I know, that’s an even worse situation.
The map is already big enough and it might be like 10 to 15 seconds to get to other side of map.
Instead of spawning a team opposite side of map, it could be better off spawning halfway distance.
So for Impact, the opposite team could spawn at T-Bow/Dropshot/Overkill/Grenades which is along the middle of map.

But it might be bad if a team turned up with last few seconds of spawn protection.

Yeah exactly. Another complaint I have is teams spawning on the next hill just before it appears. Take foundation where the hill moves from Torque over to the Shock nades. You may kill some enemies on Torque, then rotate over to the next hill and bam… the entire enemy team just spawned there. Rip 60 points.

I’m not :100: % sure but isn’t it easily predictable where the next ring will be without the last few seconds telling you?
If so and it says last few seconds until Shock nade hill appear, the game could just prevent any spawning at the Shock nade.

I don’t understand because most maps TC could have made it fair and have each team spawn the same distance from the hill but opposite sides and at the same time keep the team from spawning in the next hill spot.

Yes it is. On Foundation, the hill rotation is always the same. Always Torque > Shock > Other Shock > Mid > Torque > …

Yeah it really should. I’ve spawned IN the hill before so it would cap literally as soon as I spawned. That’s just bad spawning logic

Yeah totally agree. Unfortunately, dynamic spawning in Gears has always been horrible. Same with CoD. That’s why modes like Escalation and Execution are the most balanced; the spawns never swap and a spawn point will never determine the result of a match.

Everyone should spawn in the sky an glide down, 1 respawn point per map an steering controls, would have it’s own problems I know but it’s the fairest system I’ve seen in MP games so far, tho I’m sure many ppl wouldn’t like that for gears, not too sure I do but I do agree with 100% fairness

Its much simpler than that. Lets use Relic as an example. The hill locations are behind grenades (both spawns should be the regualr spawn) , in front of both spawns (spawns should be at buzzsaw and torque), in front of torque(spawns should be in front of regular spawns), in front of buzzsaw (same as torque spawns), to left and right of buzzkill(1 team can spawn in front of torque 1 team can spawn at the shocks on the other side). Most maps can be set up like this there is an even distance for each team to spawn opposite the hill theres no need to make gears anything like fortnight

Oh yea i hate fortnite as much as the next guy, and i agree a better job can be done. Tho with fortnite it’s not exactly respawns, jus game start, I was thinking more titanfall

That game was so bad it didnt even cross my mind :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Haha I know man I know, played it for like 5min, shocking, but I did think respawns were cool

yea i did the same. The spawn were pretty cool now that I remember

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Spawning is KOTH has been busted since day one. I’ve played entire matches where I’ve only ever spawned in one location through the entire game (still happens on relic from time to time, if I spawn in the corner of the map, I will often times never spawn anywhere else).

I remember at some point shortly after the game launched 3 or 4 players of the enemy team literally spawned in the freaking hill we were holding.

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At least everybody has the same advantage and disadvantage at some point in time. Maybe not on the same match but on the same map.