King of the hill respawn locations

The respawn locations on king of the hill are terrible. You can’t rush anywhere without getting lancered in the back by a player respawn.

Also why can’t we see ranks in game like gears 4?? Kind of defeats the purpose of having one if no one can see it.

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Two issues:

  1. Respawns ARE horrible, I have run into enemies attacking my hill while still in spawn protection, and
  2. The reason you can’t see ranks is that TC diesnt want to advertise that they are teaming up bronze/silver players with onyx/diamond/master players. They are still DOING IT, but now there is no visual evidence of it, so people can’t complain, unlike in GoW4

Sounds like you die a lot

Not at all im either mvp or number 2 SOLO… The respawns are just annoying

Koth spawns are just broken. The other day I spawned with an enemy two feet in front of me and one directly behind me.
Like, how the F does that even happen?


Exhibit… is one of the worst koth maps… good execution map… but 90% of g5s modes are reapawn focused…

Every. Single. Stupid. Game on exhibit is the same… snipe/enforcer hill… enemies or ur team spawns directly in spawn, on top of hill… its sooo badly designed… its just as bad as bunker and such for its own reasons…