King of the Hill point changes

Just want to say first off, really not a fan of the changes to the amount of points for capturing and breaking hills.
It’s an objective based game type unlike all the other modes (excluding escalation), achieving kills and having a good K/D shouldn’t be the main factor, capturing and holding the hill should be. Having less of an incentive to capture and break the hill really doesn’t help with the players who just run around thinking their Rambo.

I’ve seen and played with a lot of players who don’t bother with capturing the hill, most of the time they just continuously die as their on their own adrift from the group. They don’t even bother to capture an empty hill sometimes just to go get kills. With the way the ranking system currently works for King of the Hill, it’s more beneficial to have a good K/D and aim for kills than play the objective in an objective game type. < Can’t believe i have to write that.

Killing the enemy really doesn’t contribute to winning as much as people/TC think. I’ve left players downed before as sometimes it takes longer to get up from a down than die and re-spawn, also they just re-spawn with another flashbang. Killing them before the hill has less than 10 points remaining, say 13 for example, means they can also spawn behind or very close to the next hill with spawn protection, benefiting them. Due to the awful spawns and how quickly you re-spawn, getting kills really doesn’t help you win as much as you think.

Currently capturing a hill is the equivalent to spotting somebody and then a teammate kills them, both gets you 30 points but both aren’t equal in value with regards to winning the game. Even if you halved the amount from 300 to 150 i would be fine with this but 30 is pathetic considering it is the objective.

Alternatively why not keep the amount at 300 for a capture and just split the amount by how many people are capturing. For example, two people capture the hill so the amount of points is halved netting 150 for each player, three players capture the hill and net 100 points for each player, same principle goes for breaks.

The whole ranking system needs to be revised for King of the Hill, having a high K/D and overall kills is fine in other game modes as killing your opponent means you win the game, but for King of the Hill it shouldn’t be as important.

As i said i’m not a fan of these changes but i don’t really mind that much, just thought i’d give my two cents.
I still lose ranking points regardless of the changes as i’m still MVP or top of my teams leaderboard by a good mile while being paired with players who can barely work out how to get out of spawn literally every game i play.



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