King Of The Hill needs bots

I only play Gears of War for 1 mode & that’s KOTH. The problem is that I’m forced to play core settings because that is the only playlist with this mode & I hate core tuning with it’s 2 shot gnasher downs from half the map away. I can live with playing core, but what I can’t live with is when people quit & then it becomes impossible to win because the mode won’t give us a bot. No one likes bots, but with one on your team the game can at least continue. As it stands now if someone leaves then people just sit in spawn areas until the match is over, including me because it’s pointless to continue the match being a man down. I understand not having bots in team deathmath or other modes were losing lives is how you win the game, but in KOTH points are the only thing that matters so why not have a bot to fill in players that quit like every other Gears game.


Interesting idea…

let me get ready for the discussion…


Well here it goes…

OP: I really don’t like the idea. unless i’m playing with a friend, I don’t play social on account that I don’t like playing with bots. It’s a different play-style that I just don’t enjoy. I honestly would rather play with a couple people down, then to have a bot backfill.

@AliceInChainsaw takes this to the extreme lol :rofl:

@DAVID THE CLOWN Again no one likes bots. It’s about being able to play the match. If your a man or two down then you can’t win & are just running around for no reason. Other Gears games had bot backfill with the ability for others to join match to replace the bot & I never had this problem. Lately there have been a lot of quitters & it’s making the mode unplayable, which means I can’t play at all.


KOTH is a joke now. Last time I played (3 weeks ago) I had 4 matches in a row with quitters. And in the 5th match, one guy stopped playing for a round. Even if a bot can’t hang in a high level lobby, it’s at least something for the enemy to be distracted by while I try to break the hill.


This is the exact reason I refuse to play KotH without a full squad. We need to get a match of something going with you, Mistic, @Metal_Gear_Mo and I sometime soon.


More quitters on your team means more kills for you to collect.

Bots will guarantee a loss for the most part anyway, plus they’ll take your kills and potentially your mvp slot :smiley:


Couldn’t agree more👍

@AliceInChainSaw What are you going to do with kills in KOTH? You can get a million kills & lose bad. Plus if your outnumber then chances are the power weapons are gone & you’ll be fighting more people & die more often by getting hit from the side, behind or power weapons. Bots can pick you up if you run beside them, they fire at targets which can alert you & they make their way to the circle. I’ve been playing for 10 years Annex/KOTH & Gears 4 is the only time I’ve had this problem because of a lack of bots & players allowed to join matches in progress.

Oh … you won’t win. Don’t mistake my comment to mean you’ll win.

Just that you can do a lot with 1 v 5 … if the game is pitted against you that badly and you get … let’s say 3rd in points out of the whole scoreboard of remaining players. (Or even MVP it) Your background skill rating is probably gonna be happy.

(Also, my post was mostly sarcastic , towards a recent match I had ) :slight_smile:

Yes. A bot should be added, on at least Normal difficulty, when someone quits. It’s hardly a major advantage unless the said bot is on Insane.

You do realise you put me in a position here by opposing Core and supporting Darth Maul, but you have a valid point.


Fixed it for you

Thx Tony. :kissing_heart:

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@GB6 Kazuya I think Core is fine besides the range of the Gnasher. I like the respawn rate of power weapons better in Core than Competitive.

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Fair enough.

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60s after use is easier to keep track of than 120s after pickup, at least for me, yeah…

Re bots: at least bots move to next as soon as the hill moves,which isn’t always the case with team mates…

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just put in bots on playing inconceivable difficulty settings

No bots please in ranked…just no!


Definitely no bots!

Quitters sucks but I’d rather have the option to invite a friend.

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Why shouldn’t there be bots? The amount of people that quit in this game is insane, it would at least give you a slight chance to win. You are almost guaranteed a loss as soon as you get a quitter. It makes sense to back fill the position.
They allow guest’s in ranked (which i find odd) so why not bots?