King of the hill far spawn and close spawn

Everytime we play KOTH it never fails we get far spawned. I was playing yesterday we would get a close spawn then the other team was already spawning for behind us .I was in the circle and the enemy had spawned in the circle is that even supposed to happen. Please fix the spawn points make everyone have a far spawn.

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I agree, such a silly system. It’s one of the main reasons why koth is the most casual mode in the game. Matches should be decided by skill not random spawns.

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Indeed, and plus the spawning gets terrible when the points is like 160+ since for some reason the game wouldnspawn you at the far end of the map with no chance of breaking it.

Seems strange that they can’t figure this out. I’ve spawned in the hill multiple times.
I’ve also had enemies spawn right next to me at the same time (though away from the hill).

I myself had couple spawn behind me and i instantly died with no chance of escape. Just got triggered there and then.

In all honesty guns should not work if you just spawned in with spawn protection

The biggest reason I don’t play KOTH anymore. Can’t remember how many close games was lost due to spawning far away from the ring. Such silliness.

We had a very close match and we killed all 5 of the enemy players and by typical Gears logic it spawned them right at NEXT where they won the match. :confounded:

Still remember the issues with spawns in Arms Race. Wanted to rip my hair out after every game.


I remember those… nightmares.

Does anyone know if there’s something that we as a team can do to prevent them from getting close spawn? In games such as CoD you have spawn lines so if you don’t cross them they’ll still spawn there. There has to be something that stops them from getting close spawn in close matches.

Would be interesting to find out.
Tweeted Nodezero with the question.

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Gears 5 should have maps that are specially designed for king of the hill

Wont happen, since its always going to be designed esports first :stuck_out_tongue: