King of hill/ control

In these games hill capture and breaks should be worth more than kills point wise to assure that people actually play the objective to win. People just go around killing and still get mvp with just a few more kills but no hill captures or breaks. Then they end up being mvp of a losing team so frustrating play the objective!


they had a system like that last operation… where were you?

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Then want to be in your inbox because you don’t have 28373636 kills, but stuck to the objective…I just do what I do, and keep playing, they need to play TDM

I swear people like this make no sense to me. You cannot win if you don’t cap and break. That is incentive enough.

Asa side note, it has always bugged me that the end of match screen just shows each players stats and which team won, but doesn’t actually show the score eg 300-100.

Example here: Silent’s team won, but by what margin?

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I also wish this was a thing. Overall the scoreboard lacks a lot of information.

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Is it not enough that you can break the hill an infinite amount of times if the enemy is in it? You can get plenty of points like that.

meistens ist der mit vielen eroberungen auch der MVP, Punke passen denke ich schon.
Das der MVP Spieler am schluss so lange gezeigt nervt mich mehr, lieber die Tafel länger anzeigen.

also vote for the fact that we each have 4 maps to choose from for a new game

Because it’s the relatively the same scoreboard since 2006.