"Kinda Missed'Em in a Weird Way" Achievement Glitched


I understand that you and your team are very busy with the launch of Gears 5, but it appears that the “Kinda Missed 'Em in a Weird Way” achievement is not being awarded. My buddies and I have completed 50 waves of Horde twice this week and nothing has popped yet.

I can confirm that we used Classic Marcus, Classic Dom, Classic Baird, Classic Cole and Civilian Anya for the second Horde session. Can’t remember off hand which variants we used the first time around.

I sure hope that this can be investigated as I’m trying to complete the last few achievements before Gears 5 starts. 8 more achievements to go and 25 days before Gears 5 release…

Thanks for your time.



I helped my friend with this the other day. We started on Wave 50 and once it was completed he was awarded the achievement. For the record, I used Black Steel Superstar Cole so it doesn’t actually matter which variation of the characters you use.

I’d try and start the Horde event at wave 50 and see what happens.

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I’ll give that a try this week.


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No problem.

Let us know if it works. The achievement system does have a tendency to act up at times.

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I unlocked and achievement last week along with my wife on the morning. Mine popped straight away but it to my wife’s a few hours later. I’d just keep an eye on it