Kinda missed 'em in a weird way achievement not unlocking

Finished this with the Delta squad last night and it didn’t pop for any of us, two of the party already had it though which according to some people affects it.

Anybody have any ideas? Will be hard to get a squad together to get this now if all five need to not have obtained it🙁


Likely this.

I helped two groups get it after I already had it and they all got it.

That’s great, thanks for the help! We did do the full 50 waves though😕

Well then don’t feel bad about cheating the system and just doing the last wave with Sniper Strikes :joy:

Haha! I won’t! Just gotta find a team to do it again!

Five of us did just wave 50 and it unlocked.

LFG it. You’d be surprised how many people are wanting to do a single wave.

What does LFG mean!?

LFG = Looking For Group

You can look at it through the Xbox App (PC) or when you press the home button on the console and navigate to wherever it was, I can’t remember.

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Ah yes of course! Will give that a try👍🏼

Did you ever get the achievement?

Not had chance yet, was hoping to try this weekend

It’s not unlocking for my squad we’ve used the classic’s, and tried every Anna ,and still no luck anyone got some advice?