Kinda miss having a dedicated lore section on the forums

I just miss the lore section from the old forums, it was nice to have an area where it was all in one place.

Agreed. It was nice to have friendly discussions and debates on Humanity’s war on Queen Myrrah and the rest of the protagonists.

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there’s lore?

This is actually probably the most common reaction.

People don’t generally care. The game either satisfies through gameplay or doesn’t.

Most of the lore gurus have moved on. Maybe they would return for serious discussions.

I hope someone copied the notes from the Gears 4 forums and will post on the new forums.

@BChaps did you copy it?

It’s not. It’s a very SnubbbS reaction though.

Some people. Not people generally. Gameplay is obviously of the upmost importance but the lore is there regardless of that. Judgment and Tactics for example, I read up and watched lore on those games while completely avoiding their awful gameplay entirely.

Not entirely. I think you’ll find it’s more of a case of a lack of lore-specific threads, which the removal of the Lore section didn’t help. I’m sure some would appear should the right thread arise.


I think so. Out of all the people I’ve talked to in school or at jobs about Gears, the most “lore” they’ll know is Carmines die, Marcus yells a lot, and Cole is the Cole Train and runs on Whole Grain.

As much as I hate to agree with Snubs I think Gears’ stories do go quietly, especially compared to heavy hitters in the gaming sphere like God of War (at least now), Red Dead, Cyberpunk, Overwatch, etc.

I think you have to be invested. Same thing happened to me when I had a video show up on my Youtube feed, “All of the Fortnite Story so far,” And all I could think was, Fortnite has lore?


Have there been any new/recent releases (like books or comics)? I was under the impression there’s just not been anything new to discuss. When GOW6 is released (or the next book or comic) then we’ll probably see more peoplw come back. As it is it seems like we’re at that inbetween stage.

I really liked to speculate about the Locust and their religions/the Trinity and the temples under Sera… Tactics and 5 kinda ruined that for me.

Yeah, some dedicated people use to post some interesting bits from all the different media out there.

Was super interesting.

It’s definitely a slow period.

Seems like around three different people were big into maintaining the knowledge base and out of those I vaguely remember one not liking the direction the new trilogy was heading, and one of the others had kind of moved on in life.

There are the tags. Not many uses of just “Lore”, but “Storyandlore” has a number of topics.

Under both is the big topic on the potential origins of the Locust carried over from the Epic forums.

Some theories there were invalidated in Gears 5, and some things said or implied by official sources in the past were contradicted. But Gears has retconned before. The first time I played the original game, at the ending I got the impression that Hoffman hesitated before helping Dom pull Marcus into the Raven. That was changed in the Ultimate Edition. And from what I’ve read about the Slab, it changes the set up of the opening of the first game.

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Ah. Well that’s a tragic story. I don’t like these people.

Well obviously when you compare them to certain games like that which have pretty poor (or no) multiplayer experiences, besides Overwatch, and their strengths lie in what the single player story modes have to offer. Yes I know they were just examples, but still.
I won’t fully deny the stories “go quietly” in more recent times. But that’s due to TC’s fine efforts at ensuring the continual decline of our Community. Sure Gears 5 had great segments in Campaign’s Act 2 for lore but it pales in comparison to the rich and intriguing lore of the original games. Simply put, the “current” stories just aren’t that interesting. Only lore in regards to well-established characters and past locations/events are.
Yes, I did add that last part in to cover our glorious Queen and her Locust.

You do, but that logic can apply in regards to any game. I barely know anything about those examples you gave. I know random bits about God of War and that John Marston is the main character in Red Dead Redemption, later becoming Jack Marston. Oh, and Keanu Reeves is in Cyberpunk.

Yes, like I said, barely anything.

Anyway I hope you reported that disgusting recommendation to YouTube. I never knew Fortnite had lore up until this point either. Just always assumed it was a meaningless OTT wretched hive of scum and villainy.

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Oh there’s lore all right.

It’s horrendously stupid, logistically impossible, needlessly confusing, and ghoulishly propagandistic lore, but lore all the same.


The lore for this series is it’s weakest aspect by far, the gameplay and character banter are its only redeeming qualities.

Personally, I blame Bleszinski, he kept meddling with the story despite having no education in that field.

Do you mean the story itself or how it’s portrayed in the games?

The story itself, it had a lot of potential, but EPIC made the absolute worst, most nonsensical decisions they possible could have with every plot thread.

The only way it could have been worse than it was is if SpongeBob had shown up in game 3 for some reason.

I felt like GoW lore is one of those things where anyone who cares enough to actually learn it/know it would be a big enough fan of the story to love it regardless of how good/bad it actually is and what they otherwise enjoy storywise.

I’m sure they could’ve solved everything by making Locust/Swarm playable in PvE.

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This is just sorta how video game stories work though, no? Unless the “lore/story” of a game is all it has, like Last of Us or Red Dead… most games have deep worlds that are never explored. Those who explore it find something they love about it. Those who just let it exist are not affected at all by it.

It doesn’t hurt to enjoy it and it means nothing if it goes right by you.