Kind of missed em in a weird way.. didnt unlock"

Just played Monster Mash with all five characters as need per the achievement. We did have a Day of the Dead Anya. Don’t tell me that you forgot to add the Day of the Dead variants to the list of players? We had Marcus,Cole,Baird,Dom and Day of Dead Anya. Is that why? Day of the Dead characters don’t count? If so , maybe you should have put that in the achievement script so people will know other wise it’s all messed up. What say you TC?

I would like an answer for this too, do all variants work? blacksteel too?

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I’m not familiar with the achievement but I know the DOTD bounty did not work with 2017 characters, only the original set. Maybe a similar thing happened here?

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Good question.

Im like 99% sure the person on my team had DOTD Anya. Played just wave 50 and the Soldier hammered and it was over before i knew it. And we got it. You dont have to do ALL 25 or 50 waves lol

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If it helps, had trouble getting this achievement too. Someone on my team already had it so tried it again with someone who didn’t have the achievement and it unlocked first go.
All Classic characters and V-Day Anya.

We did a 25 wins with the characters but one of us had only the Marcus in chest, so he used it. No achievements.

Hopefully we can do what you say the next time, just do wave 50 and unlock it. I really don’t want to do horde again, im sick of it. Taugh it was my last ever horde on GOW4 tonight…:confused: