Kills show in feed but not kill tally. Anyone else getting this glitch?

I noticed something really unusual tonight. I kept thinking that my kills were getting stolen because I might (for example) kill 3 enemies but there would be on 2 counted on the tally page. I didn’t think much of it but then I boom shotted an enemy trying to flank (unmistakably my kill, showed up in the feed) but it was NOT in the tally, Still said I had ZERO kills. When I started paying attention I noticed this happen in two more matches. Unfortunately I could not clip it because I haven’t set that up yet on my PC.

I’ve played this game a lot but I’ve never seen this happen before so I’m wondering if there was a bug in the last update, or if the server is struggling (did have a TON of jittery lag in game and teammates were getting kicked and re-joining a lot). It’s not the biggest deal in the world but it is annoying and embarrassing.

It was ranked TDM, West Coast US, between 9pm and 1am PST, on PC.
And, no, this isn’t rage. My rank went up 20% tonight but I did see this glitch and was hoping TC might address it. I’ll consider setting up recording on the game panel thing but I’m concerned about messing with anything as this is the first night I didn’t crash in ranked play and I kinda want to leave things as-is.