Kills need to be shown in all ranked modes

I have a few concerns relating to eliminations in ranked PvP modes. Firstly, eliminations don‘t give a good indication of how you are preforming. You don’t know your actual KD during a versus match. Secondly, eliminations are too readily rewarded. I have gotten eliminations on enemies that I did marginal amounts of damage to.

I think players in ranked PvP should only get eliminations when they do 50% or more damage to an opponent that is killed. Additionally I think downing an opponent that is killed by an allied player should reward an elimination.

Eliminations only seem to indicate how aggressive a player is in dealing damage. They are not indicative of skill and total performance in a match. I find the presence of eliminations instead of kills on my score screen has been throwing of my performance during matches.

Please share your thoughts and opinions.


I dont get why they show eliminations when they only reward kills. It doesnt make any sense.


Everything should be kills only no elims. Just like every other gears whoever thought elims was a good idea they should be fired


I can understand the value of eliminations in horde and escape due to some enemies having high to extremely high health.

I agree. I’d rather go back to kills/assists. Maybe they decided to switch to eliminations because of their attempt to emphasize lancer play. If you have 3+ lancers crossing, sometimes no one will get 51% damage, so they decided to say everyone got the elim instead of one getting the kill and having the others get mad.

Agreed. Kills and Assists are fine. The system worked well in Gears 4.

They put in eliminations for, what I believe to be, three reasons:

  1. Cater to new players
  2. Attempt to stop people from complaining about kill stealing
  3. Arcade since kills and assists (eliminations) give skulls for weapon upgrades

I agree, it needs to be kills in ranked. Anything else whatever.

because they think everyone is offended by everything and everyone is a winner nowadays … pathetic

Kills and downs shown…
Or eliminations = both of these mentioned only, with more or less or same, rewarded XP or something between the 2… this to me is a possible solution.
Maybe inlude assist for said amount of damage…&/or whatever else…

Assists/eliminations should be a separate column from kills in my opinion. I actually think they should scrap eliminations and just show assists and kills on separate columns at the end of a ranked match.

Assist rewards/stat showing are important as it encourages people to help their teammates instead of waiting to get in close enough to get the kill which I see loads of people doing.

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Gears Judgment did it best.

It showed kills and assists.

I get why they made eliminations, but considering the ranking system does not factor in elims, I still get salty when someone steals my down because it affects the amount of points I receive from a game.