Kills Assists And Damage Achievements Not Tracking


I was wondering if someone can help me. My kills, assists and damage for the related achievements are not tracking at all anymore.

I noticed this first this earlier last year, the progress bar would move ever so slightly which was way below what it should have been.

In April/May I don’t remember when exactly I tried logging into the game. The servers were down for maintenance and or they were rolling out a title update I think but I did not know this at the time. I thought something was wrong with my game so uninstalled then reinstalled it.

When I launched the game after reinstalling I found my achievement progress had doubled for example the Covering Fire went form 5% to 10%. I thought they must have done something to fix the under tracking I had been experiencing,

Since then my my progress for this achievements has not gone up once. Does anyone know how to fix this or how I can raise this issue with The Coalition I have checked the help section but can’t find an option for this.

TC is aware and they are looking into it.

Tracking for several achievements seem to be buggy or glitchy. Have you submitted a ticket on the Gears site? That’ll at least get your issue logged, though no telling when TC may have a fix for it.

No I have not raised a ticket. I looked at the help section but could not find the option to raise a ticket. Can you tell me where I need to look on the Gears site in order to do this? In the mean time I’ll look again to see if I can find it.

Don’t hold your breath for an immediate response or fix but at least they have the info.

Are TC aware of the kills assists and damage tracking incorrectly? I know Seriously achievement has been raised but did not know about other achievement issues being on there radar.

I can’t say for sure as TC only responded recently to the seriously part 2 achievement. While I think they are aware, I can’t confirm they are lol.

@GhostofDelta2 might have more info about this.

I’m in the same boat but with the centaur set achievement just got the pilot to LV20 but nothing popped

Thank you for the link and quick reply.

:joy: No they’re not! Don’t fill the lad with false hope!

TC haven’t acknowledged it once and probably don’t give a damn. There’s no solution but I’ve found completely unplugging the console and leaving it for a couple of hours helps sometimes. It has in my case. I posted several updates on this thread:

I’ve linked that thread almost 10 times.


TC has been slower to respond since they’ve had several members of their Community team leave in a short time. But we can tag the team here to see if it can at least generate a quick reply from @TC_GEARS at to whether or not the tracking issues for other achievements is on their radar, or if it is just Seriously 5.2 they are looking at currently.

Huh then whats this lol.

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Hi GB Kazuya

Thanks for the info. I will try unplugging my console and see if that works and will provide an update.

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At which % is the tracker currently? I have the same issue but my tracker shows 97%

Well that sucks. I met the requirements for Seriously 5.0 Chapter 2 in early August and it did not pop until two months later. I hope it does not take that long for you with the centaur set.

The Coalition really needs to sort these issues.

Mines at 98%

How do I “tag the team”? I have visited these forums from time to time but this my first topic/posts so I a relative still a newbie and do not know how to navigate the forums.

Ooooh! Well I didn’t see this :joy:.

Fair enough, I stand corrected.

We now have reassurance from TC, which has now filled me to the brim with confidence.

No worries. I didn’t know it was there until like a day or 2 ago lol.

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Just type “@TC_GEARS” without the quotes and it’ll tag their community account. I already did that in my previous post, so no need to spam the tagging.