Killcams Never Work For BS Kills

This is STILL happening

A player will shoot 3 ft away from me facing the opposite direction, and I explode

No killcam for me to see what the hell was on their screen.

Everytime I die when I should not have, not killcsm to see what the ■■■■ was happening

The game KNOWS not to show you BS deaths, as we have a record function on our XB.


I disabled the post death camera on day 1. It’s never been an accurate representation of what happened no matter which game you’re playing.

I was sitting in cover for 3 seconds after Lancering the enemy for a bit. All of a sudden my head pops from a Longshot (also an Embar once too). The post death camera showed me holding the left trigger to stay out of cover not even firing a bullet.



I noticed that too they never show the bs kills

I had similar thoughts to this too but I’ve seen a few BS killcams

One was where me and another person were on opposite ends of cover, I look over and LT do 90%+ of damage. The other guy can’t play well and literally hard aims in front of him, the opposite direction of me, he’s shooting into thin air and then I get gibbed, it’s ridiculous lol I’ve got it recorded

Game needs an update it’s awful

I Knew I wasn’t the only one felt this way about the kill cam.

You can disable it completely?

Yep, you can disable it in the options.

Can’t believe I never noticed that option. Thanks!