Killcams Never Play When You WANT them to

Just waiting to record a clip of a BS death from a player not looking at you and you die etc…

And it NEVER plays the killcam when it’s a BS death.


I’ve noticed this too sadly


Kill cams like this are never a good idea when they don’t work properly because of the BS data fed to them .

Id rather he kill cams come up when you want instead or every kill maybe hold x or something

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This exactly.

When I want to see what the hell happenes it never shows it.

I have my killcam set to on as well in the options

Unfortunately the game knows that you got cheated so they can’t put themselves in a position where you clearly should’ve came out on top, so they remove kill cams for ■■■■ like that… happens to me all the time

No joke! Literally every single time I feel cheated there’s no kill cam. Idk what kind of mind reading software they have but it works… really well lol


A magician never reveals their secrets… :smirk:

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This has also be spoken about frequently within my friends. The quantity of coincidence is astounding haha.

I agree with this sentiment

Speaking of kill cams

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