Killcams in gears of war5

Hey guys I think I have an awesome idea, not sure if I am the first to think of it but coalition please add killcams in gears 5. I think it would be awesome and make the game feel more fresh and unique as it would allow insane montages for youtubers and pros and it can benefit everyone in the gears community! Imagine having a 3v1 in gears 5 and you snipe one guy in the head and get a gnasher reaction shot on the other and up a the last guy in slow motion. Please everyone let the coalition be known by this. My online xbox name is R3NAGADE W01F too. I really want to support gears 5 in some way since I am no youtuber.


I would love a slow mo replay of the final kill from 2-3 angles :raised_hands:

Also, a announcer like Halo but withthe voice of each respective faction would be amazing. Even if it was for special events like Gnasher Only game mode. To have have it would be nice or even when the characters themselves say “that’s one, that’s two, and a third, 4 and on a roll, that’s 5 **** !!!”

I think characters are too quiet without enough lines in 4.


Yeah man I just think that out of any game I played, it would fit gears of war series the best. But hey if you can spread my word. I want this to be known

Can’t wait to see the perspective of that Savage Kantus I point blanked that teleported behind me and strafed 70 yards away to cling to a wall while insta gibbing me in the same frame


If it’s anything like G4, the game will be too spongy for that. Can you imagine the YouTube content that would flood from annoyed players who see an enemy facing the other direction, then watching a kill cam of an entirely different scene playing out? Then TC would have to fix something.

Nothing will even beat the pre/post-round voice lines of Hoffman, Prescott and Queen Myrrah.

“Ground-walking garbage! Do you concede so easily?! Prove to me you are Locust!”

“Yes! Yes! Now they begin to understand!”

And many more.

Yes…I miss her :joy::sob:


So just like every Call of Duty game ever made?


Be a good way to hold them accountable…

That’d be cool to have an option for it to automatically clip every kill/death replay of the match for you.

I know on PC it’d be interesting to record the gameplay and then look at the side by sides of the server replay at different angles compared to what you saw while playing.

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It would be some BS revealing stuff, that’s for sure. I’ve played private lobbies with friends who explain what they were doing when they either killed or died. Sometimes it’s like, “WTF?”
Like me getting sniped behind cover and a friend saying “You were roadie running toward that cover.”

Well I kind of thought of call of duty when saying this but I feel like gears killcams would be way cooler if done correctly