Kill Trades Are Ridiculous

The kill trades are getting out of hand. My ping hovers around the mid to low 30s and every time I go 1 on 1 with someone its a trade. Also, movement is extremely sluggish. It feels like I’m stuck in glue. This is truly awful.

I try to not complain too much and have been happy with the way things have been going but this is not good.


My ping hovers 60-80 lol so be thankful

The trade windows are confirmed 1 frame so if they happen then just know that you are shooting at the exact same time (or at least received by the server at the same time)

There was a bug in Core gameplays a few days ago that should be patched now that made the window bigger so if you were playing Core that could’ve been it


My ping is 10-15ms and all the players sponge my shots.


Well, if they patched that bug its not helping at all. Not sure what is going on but here are some other things happening to me right now:

Nothing comes out of my gun when I pull the trigger
Dying before grenades or dropshot even explode
I countered a guy and he came out of his stun before I could shotgun him
The list goes on and on


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Yup. Good connections are punished in this game :neutral_face:


Yeah, this game is backwards.

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This is wrong 100%

There WAS a trade window on rough 10 milliseconds that would allow someone with a bad connection 10 milliseconds of room for their server to detect that they pulled the trigger. This window is now 0. They ONLY way you can get a trade is if the server gets the trigger pull from both sides on the EXACT SAME FRAME. This gives HUGE advantages to people with lower ping as their information hits the server before someone with higher ping. This was changed in January 2018

I don’t know where people get this “Low ping is a disadvantage” but it’s straight up wrong. Nodezero even said on Twitter that doing this change will give people with lower ping the advantage


Even gow3 is unplayable since the coalition put its hands on it.
Played for 12 years gow and i never get more frustrated since they put there hands on gow.
Not a fan any more!!
They now exacly how to get rid of the devoted gow players.
watch this and you will understand ur frustration.

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Same here, thats way i destroyed my controller and gow 4 disk.

The way I understood it, Comp tuning has trade windows that are 0 frames. But Core tuning has a bigger trade window, which is the intention. The Comp tuning had a bug where it had a bigger trade window than it should have.

Likely because the high ping isn’t where you see them but you’re where they see you. So your shoot and nothing happens but they shoot you while looking at the wall on your screen and you explode. Whether kill trading was improved or not it doesn’t change the fact having a lower ping isn’t helpful at all. If I’m pinging at 30 and someone else is at 100ms the whole game feels inconsistent. This in itself makes no sense and needs to be addressed.

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I did a ton of watch a pro UK player and was talking with him the entire time and this is just false.

The game shows you what you SHOULD be seeing NOT what the server is seeing. on his screen he was shooting his guy perfectly but on the lower ping side he was shooting directly behind him. The people with lower ping, lets say 0 for example, see exactly what the server sees and therefore has a HUGE advantage over someone seeing something 100ms off what the server sees.

I’m not saying mechanics in the game are perfect, but saying a lower ping is a disadvantage is laughable. If that was the case then people in NY would be constantly complaining about having 5 ping… which will never happen

TIf that’s true then why do players sitting in cover eat 3 shots? Why are they looking at a wall and you explode? I’m telling you that’s not how it works… at least half the time. Sometimes it’s fine but normally it’s not. If everyone is below a certain ping this never happens. We’re not imaging these things I assure you. I’m not trying to come off as hostile but there’s too many videos of proof out there that show these issues exist.

I’ve played on the UK server before with a 100ms ping. I didn’t have to Wall bounce at all and I’d destroy 5 guys. My shots, while delayed, still connected where I shot them. Switched back to US server with a 25ms ping and my shots no longer connected consistently. Went back to UK and it worked again. My UK buddies had the opposite experience in those matches. Their low ping on UK hurt them but then on US they became Gears gods. You can’t make this stuff up… if low ping was an advantage over a high I’d be okay with the current setup. I’m not though, it needs to be changed because it runs like crap.

Side note: One user here posted video footage on the old forums of two players pinging at 35ms and the game didn’t even show the same thing on both their screens. I believe they kill traded because even though the game wasn’t showing anywhere near the same display the game recognized it. That’s a low ping match. In a high ping match the shots aren’t registering as they should. Whether the games showing me where they’re at or not (which I realize is your point here) it’s still screwing the low ping over because the server is determining the high ping isn’t where I’m told he is.

Those intentional delays of lag compensator do work as a patch for broken matchmaking system. Quite poorly tho.

I hate the gnasher right now. The best gnasher updated was when Avalanche came out.

Kill trades make the game consistent if you don’t like it then coalition needs to go with center screen mechanics from UE

I fully agree. I play regularly in two countries (France and Russia). My ping is different in both (~30 in France, ~60 in Russia), and CLEARLY When I have a lower ping, it’s a 100% better. I don’t see a single drawback to having a lower ping, in my experience at least.

30ms or 60ms isn’t really a big difference. But I do notice when I’m pinging at 30ms it’s only smoother than 60ms if everyone is below 70ms. Once they get above that the hit detection is just awful and I wish I had 60ms at that moment. For the life of me I can’t figure out why but I know I’m not imagining things. It just gets weird, lol.

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I had a few videos of nothing but kill trades.
They’ve been ridiculous for awhile:

February Updates (kill trades) 1
February Updates (kill trades) 2
March Updates (kill trades)

(embedding doesn’t seem to work anymore)

When I get placed in US Servers and my ping goes from 10-15 to 80-100ms, trust me I am invincible and Double, Triple and Quad kills are so easy.

I literally sponge and soak shots and easy one shot.

Then, when I play on my own EU server with a ping of 10-15ms - it all changes and my shots do nothing - keep getting 70-83% on point blanks and people one shot me from a mile away.

This game is backwards and the high ping players against low ping players have the advantage.

It’s crazy, but true and it is true every time I am placed in the US servers …