Kill stealing worst then ever

You heard right. You can not fill a kill bounty with people sitting there with boomshots or lancer GL. All you get is assist after assist. Quit stealing kills.

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If the challenge is one of the main 5 Horde characters you can do it in Custom Horde. Put no bots on Beginner. That way nobody can steal your kills.

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Its gotten really bad when your doing a execution when out of the blue boomshot kills the one your executing steals it. This how it should of been put together. Example is you shot the bad guy it’s crawling away I come up kill it. The one who should get credit for kill would be the one who dropped the bad guy in the first place and credited for the assist would who finished them off. Not the other way around.

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Just use Delivery Driver Mac, no one will ever steal your kills again…

You’re credited with the kill as soon as you begin the execution. The scenario you’re describing isn’t possible in Gears 5.

I’ve had at least 12 executions in progress taken by boomshots . So don’t tell me its not possible. It is possible to steal during execution progess.


I was on mixer. One of my friends who was watching me said WTF did that player just steal your execution with a boomshot from across the map. I said yep been this way for over 2 weeks. All they do is following you around wait till your about to execute and boom. All you get is assist while boomshot shooter gets 175 all you get is 10.