Kill stealing in Gears 5

One of the things I’ve been asking for in Gears for a long time is for a kill to go to the player who downed an opponent rather than the person who finishes him off. Fortnite does this and it leads to a lot less frustration when it comes to playing with randoms and that jerk that follows you around just to snatch up your downs.

When I play with friends we go in with an understanding that we are trying to win so if someone goes down finish them. We take each others kills regularly and it’s not a big deal. However, when it’s someone you don’t know it leads to a lot of frustration.

Simple solution, if a player goes down the kill is awarded to the player who downed them. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this. If you disagree please say why.


I’m not convinced. To me a down is a down and a kill is a kill. As long as Gears uses this DBNO system then it should stay that way. The points system broadly reflects a player’s contribution to the kill, so to me it’s fine. And with things like execution rules, it’s not always easy to land that killing blow. I’d rather a team mate take it than risk the enemy getting revived.


I disagree.

Perhaps have an “Assisted Kill” Column.

So Kills, A Kills, Downs, Points.

That’s because sometimes you down someone and you might not have been able to kill them yourself.

So someone else doing it for you shouldn’t then auto count as a kill for you where otherwise it would have been a down plus self-revive.

I have asked for a “Post Match Report” similar to how Halo used to offer all the stats after a match finished.

So while searching for the next match, you can evaluate your performance.

Having an “Assisted Kill” Stat would only increase team work and cooperation even more - you get credited with a kill and don’t feel like it was “stolen” - because you did only get a down and got credited for it.

There are also many times where I “give away the kill” where I need someone to take it, similar to above, I can’t always get the down, maybe I’m dealing with someone else or they crawled away or whatever it might be. To then get credited a full kill doesn’t seem right.

This is where I also promote trying to play in a stack - to avoid the negatives of playing Solo / Not in a stack.


The point system is based on who did the most damage yes but sadly the ranking system looks more at who finished the person off so if you are a support player to 90% of the damage but the Gnasher player finishes off all your kills the ranking system puts more emphasis on K/D than it does on who did all the damage and made the kill possible.

I could be wrong about this because I’m not an expert but from what I understand this would be true.

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This is how it works from what I’ve read and understand but then it’s “easier” to be a support player and harder to be the one getting the kills and finishing off others.

So it makes sense that it’s this way.

I like the idea of having assisted kills on the stats in game. I’ve actually tweeted at TC asking for assists to be included on the leader board and that would solve part of the problem but the ranking system would have to also allow for more emphasis on assits than it currently does.

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I agree and disagree with that as not all downs come from rifle crossing. I have had players follow me around just to snatch up downs that I got from Gnasher fights. That is annoying.

Yeah, I’m fine with how it is - you get so many points for the downs anyway and technically you didn’t get the kill so it makes sense.

However, technically speaking it is an Assisted Kill - so seeing this number can help people see the recognition for the kill and is only a positive thing.

For Ranking System - I guess you get a small boost in Skill Rating if you get Assisted Kills - more so than Downs, less than a Kill.

For execution rules, but on standard all someone has to do is camp in cover and wait for a down and pop out with a lancer.

On the contrary, if it the points were given more consideration than kills, someone might be able to boost their rank by just downing other players.

Whether it’s your idea of assisted kills, or something else, there should (or needs to) be a category between the two that contributes to rank and better reflects the match results.

That’s an entirely different subject though.

That’s just negative playstyle or people trolling.

The only way to avoid that:

Because you won’t be able to avoid that otherwise and then someone is still getting the kill.

I think that kills are a key component to many game modes - namely the ones with the objective of getting kills like Warzone, TDM and Dodgeball, so kills should be weighted more in these modes, and arguably less so in Escalation or KOTH.

Downing someone alone in TDM doesn’t get you any closer to victory, but specifically landing the killing blow does. That’s not to say that the person who downed the enemy is not contributing, but the person who gets the key is the one who directly takes a life out of the enemy’s pool, or eliminates an enemy player. The trouble is the game can’t make that judgement as to what the circumstances were - was it someone stalking you purposely taking kills? Or whether you downed an enemy who went DBNO behind cover and needed a team mate to finish them as you couldn’t.

But on the topic of pojnts I do think points should be given some consideration too.

Points aren’t taken into consideration anyway and I’m sure downs do just that as if stands.

It’s just you would get a slight extra credit / recognition when someone else finishes off your down - “Assisted Kill”.

You already have the stat and potential rank boost from your downs anyway - this is just visualising how many of your downs got finished off by someone else.

Not always true.

I get what you mean and somewhat agree with some of what you said there but not on the points about KOTH and that point I quoted.

Downing someone does get you closer to victory - even if they survive.

It’s a smaller step though. Obviously there’s the three strikes/downs before a straight death, but the killing blow seems more key.

KOTH may have been a bad example cos there’s just one ring, but Escalation is arguably a more valid example. I’ve played many rounds where my team have won without me having to fire a bullet where I’ve sneaked round to the enemy home ring, and my team mates did the actual killing and we capture all three rings. Not always the case of course, but I figure ring capturing objective modes should be weighted differently.

True, it’s also that downs can cause other players to rush out or you’ve poked a hole in their set up giving you the chance to rush in as well. You might take down someone with a power weapon and so on. I do agree the kill itself is key though.

I don’t understand what you mean? Kills should still be number 1 weight even here because without the kills - you can’t hold or take over a ring.

It’s about utilising your strengths, map control and so on to continually kill while holding the point.

Probably because:

So capping and holding the ring is the easy part.

Killing the opposition to do so and continually killing them is what allows you to keep hold of the ring and win.

Probably different situation if it’s Blitz where you have to remain in the ring and defend but KOTH / Esc as it is, is still about the kills to dominate.

The three rings split the teams up. I guess that’s what I’m saying, and sometimes due to the enemy team all going one way or leaving gaps, it can lead to you not needing to actually fight before you win the round. It’s not nessarily the original goal. You make a flank to capture their home ring and by good fortune you just don’t come across an enemy. Having said that the longer respawns in Escalation does add some weight to kills in later rounds I guess.

Yeah but that’s not going to happen with 5 opposition players alive.

And the ones that split up - if you are winning 1v2 or winning 2v3, 2v4 and so on, if you are winning those then you should be awarded the weight of helping them team win.

I do get what you are saying but Kills are important in all the modes, especially the ring capture ones.

Like you said, Esc has extended Spawn Times so taking out opposition is the single easiest way to win a round because by dying, you leave the ring defenceless.

My only real issue with kill steals is when it is totally egregious. This ramps up when TC “demand” X amount of kills for a skin :wink:

I like the idea for a assist kill column.
I play objective based modes, so in the melee of trying to take/Hold and defend a Hill, im far more concerned with that than if i have kills “stolen” or indeed “nick” one.

This happens from time to time as i will smoke a Hill and then go in with Chainsaw.

People are still gonna complain about kill stealing, whether or not an assisted kill column appeared on scoreboard. What do they care about? Being the person to kill their own down. Having an assisted kill column wouldn’t make them feel better, all the time.

The way it works right now, the game already gives you credit for downing. When someone else kills your down, it says +20 assist points or something like that on bottom left. The only difference between right now and @III_EnVii_III idea is putting those assists on scoreboard. So someone with high number of assisted kills could be seen as having most kills stolen. This can be easily seen right now if you look at your downs and kills. Sometimes, you have matches where you have higher number of downs than kills. That means someone else has been killing your downs or the enemy players have been getting up / revived after you downed.

The only way to get more points from stealing someone else’s down would be execution. That gives roughly +100 points or something.

When playing solo, someone might have the intention to kill all downed targets. That’s literally the same mindset as @DLCarr17 described. To go kill eachothers’ downs. So I don’t understand how it’s anymore frustrating except communicating and co-ordinating. I would play in stacks but can’t because of hearing disability. People would most likely reject you.

I respect your view however visual representation and recognition would appease so many people because it’s still a Kill Stat.

To dismiss everyone and say no one would accept you in a stack is a little bit over the top tbh.