Kicked out to dashboard (Xbox One) playing campaign (Ironman + Big head)

For most of the Act 1, 1 of 3 times when a cinematic appeared I was kicked out to Xbox dashboard and I had to restart the game.

Played Ironman on Experienced for the achievement, I got this problem only on Act 1. The rest of the campaign were without problem

I assumed that the problem was loading the cinematic with custom skin + big heads. Also, I had only 2% of free space on my Xbox. I had to delete DOOM Eternal and after that I didn’t have any problems.

Maybe the real problem was low free space + cinematics with Big heads, or maybe Act 1 is glitched.

Just after the death of Vermak, (Cole scene). No worry just a bug. My free space of HDD is 32% and for Player 1 or 2, that crash.

You can restart without losing your checkpoint but fewtimes, you must do again.

Ps : Crash in 2nd desert on the skiff