Kicked out of ranked

I get kicked out a ranked match??? how do you get kicked?? and then I get a penalty for the game lagging me out?? bunk.

Yes this is happening to some people, I had it happen to myself several times and I’ve tweeted about this issue to TC but it seems the system in place can’t differentiate if you left the match intentionally or if it happened involuntarily, if they go individually case by case it would be easy to separate quitters from people who get kicked out, just by the fact that ones who are booted always “leave” matches before the game even starts, it’s a clear sign of not choosing to do so, otherwise they’d do it at other times as well, like mid-match or just before the end of games.

Hopefully they can find the problem in the system that boots people for whatever reason, that would be the only solution.

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i get kicked out too, but also i have problems with the ranked measurements i win 3 or 4 matches and my porcentage it doesn’t move forward at all but if i lose just one match my porcentage decreased 7 or 8 % it doesn’t make sense

So I was just playing ranked and right in the middle of the match, I got kicked out. Then my game was glitched up and it wouldn’t let me rejoin the same match because the squad was “offline” or wtvtf that means… I restarted my game and tried to play again. I was banned for 15 minutes and my rank decreased significantly. I’ve given this game many chances and have played it since gears 1 on Xbox 360. But at one point, y’all gotta forget about the stupid skins and packs and get it together…


for the ranking system, i still dont understand fully, but the breakdown they have on here is pretty accurate . its helped me keep my cool when i lose 10% on my first L of the day . playing solo or duos seems to be the only way to consistently increase in rank . anymore in your squad and you have to be MVP or second on your team to increase .