Kicked out of multiplayer?

I got kicked out of multiplayer for no reason.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Yeah happened to me also got to wave 13 on exhibit map playing horde enjoying the game then this messaged popped up

This is honestly awful… The beta was a joke, apparently to test the servers so this doesn’t happen I figured it would be fixed in the morning and its not.

My only day to play really and it doesn’t work

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Yeah it happened also in the tech test but didn’t expect it to happen in the game as surely all issues should have been dealt with as that’s the idea of a test very frustrating will try playing again tomorrow :crossed_fingers:t3:Thanks for posting this thread

Im currently trying to join a game of ranked KOTH and as soon as the map loads I’m kicked back into queue for another game. Happened twice now.

Edit: Just got halfway into a match and got kicked with a result screen that said ‘Stalemate’. Cool.

No idea if this helps it as it does not solve the issue of being kicked. But, I noticed it turns live off if you are on PC. Type Services and restart evrything at the bottom saying Xbox. Live will come back on and you can hopefully get another game. Hope this helps in some way

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This keeps happening to me in “coop vs A.I.”, and just now in “classic quickplay”, not touching ranked until they sort out the issues.

Many ,thanks for the info, I will have ago tomorrow,but just read that TC are looking into why we are being kicked,which is very,very good news,:sunglasses:

Just got kick myself, came in to see if anyone else is having the problems. Guess I am not alone. But here the catch, this thing has been an issue since Gears 4. Glad to see they didn’t fix the issue. I’m on PC if it of any important.

Kinda ridiculous been waiting for the game to be fixed since sept 4