Kicked out of a ranked lobby

Been getting kicked from ranked matches that haven’t even started and it has been giving me 30 minutes of ban time. Don’t know if it’ll keep banning me but I am concerned if the time will go up.

99% of threads made now are saying the same thing

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TC are aware of the issue and investigating this. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do right now but trying to play ranked to clear the penalty/suspension. However if you dont want to risk it, then simply play social in the mean time until TC posts an update on the matter.

See Vectes’ response below:

And 99% of the threads I’m telling them the answer :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside, I think we need another megathread. Because its clear that more people going to post the same thing.

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Looking into it. Laughable.

Just like 250ms ping is considered good to play MP with according to @TC_Octus


When you get horribly screwed over by the game itself, isn’t the natural reaction to complain to the devs?

Ha, natural? Would it be too much saying, when I started cursing and requesting fix here, suddenly if playing solo I’ve started being paired with bronze on my side. Chances to win, rank upgrade even MVP over Onyx and Diamonds, none or zeroed. Ofc everything can be rigged in TCs world, just like emblem in every pack. I wonder if esports players ever think about it.

And ofc while they “investigate” their own failure which puts people offline with no reason, it’s normal to me or for my gears buddies to accept thievery in credits every night even if playing these lately super delayed matches, or to end night with suspension and console switched off because being kicked out of lobby JUST LIKE THE LAST NIGHT or every before that one…

Idfcare abt any “investigation”. There were no penalties, no delays, no such a numerous abnormalities when I bought it. This is NOT BETA PHASE, crooks! Quitters? You fix it! Banning people in waves for your product being broken is just disgusting :poop:

I just got kicked out and we was winning, wth?
I tought ok,i will try to rejoin,but the rejoin possibilty wasnt there. Only thing that came up was that i was penalized for 9minutes??
That sucks,that this will add up and add up. Untill i get mega banned or sumething😢
Im was pinging in the 30s when it happend.

Its good to hear that you are looking into it!
And much props for listen to the community, about the Lambent packs:):wink:

Yeah hold on, TC is investigating why they are being a$$holes to the entire Gears playerbase for such a long time… Probably, the outcome would be “working as intended”… But please give them some more time.

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250 is not good in gears, if it was,they woud let the pro’s play the game with 250ping.
And have a server based vs matches,and tournements between europeans and americans. in example
They shoud do that,that will convince me its good. If it works out ok and no sponging😁