Kicked out and can't rejoin

Just got returned to the main menu with no option to rejoin. Got a 15 minute suspention. I don’t want this counting against me. I have a 500 mb connection, i should never lag out of a match.

I just got 180mins for the same. Three hours man escalated from dissolved lobbies yesterday 2x in hour. I dunno what to say, think… I feel like my gamertag has been tagged by lazy TC stuff, they don’t fix anything ever… Practically, unable to play my fav mode Execution for the whole week, ban after ban and I didn’t quit not a single match!!

Right after this post, going to Microsoft support AGAIN just to file a report AGAIN… screw you TC

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ive been experiencing opponents being kicked and trying to rejoin but cant, TC please FIX FIX FIX!!! this is really embarrassing on your part TC.

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Seems like it was a big problem last night especially. The map didn’t even start loading for me i went straight from the voting screen to the main menu. It wouldn’t bother me that it happens, but to get a suspension on top of it is ridiculous. I’ve literally NEVER quit a game, so if that happens again i don’t want to end up getting progressively longer suspensions. It would be nice to hear from TC on this.

i had gotton kicked yesterday with a 15 min suspension and no rejoin option. its getting really old and TC’s arrogances is becoming annoying.

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It’s happened to me a handful of times in the last week too. Luckily it hasn’t happened for about 5 days now… but it is super frustrating particularly when it happens before the map even loads…