Kicked mid game now banned

Yo this is for so for a developer that could help or some one. I legit got kicked out mid game, it took me to post match screen and said lost connection to game then gave me my xp and everything so i go to play another and now im banned for 3 days? Could i get a little help over here

I had the same problem earlier however I only got suspended 10 minutes. It turns out the servers was playing up, now they’re fixed.

Have you “quit” regularly in the past before it booted you out?

Do you quit a lot?

A 3 day ban is usually for people that quit A LOT

Usually its only like 15 mins

just booted the game and got kicked right after the match initiated. twice in a row

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This is currently happening to me. I’ve been kicked now three games in a row. There’s no fix for it and I better not get banned for this crap. I don’t quit games

Well it happened again to me and a friend. I’m about to uninstall gears 5

Smart choice.

So far this morning I haven’t had any problems with quick match game modes. I’m about to try ranked and see if everything is running good. Btw the pings have been very high in quick match for some reason 100-150 for most players, mine was around 30-40 normally I get 1-5 ping

So i got unbanned yesterday and was able to play no issues all night figure everything is fixed. I come back today to play and get this

i mean you guys really cant be serious right now lmfao

That’s nothing, I was banned for over a day.

The reason?? the game gets crashed from one moment to the next and that obviously takes me out of the game.


This happened to me as well. I was kicked in the middle of a Gridiron match, wasn’t given the option to rejoin, then was banned for 15 minutes.