Kicked from the game seemingly on purpose

I get Into a few games where I’ll get into a shouting match with some troll, or sometimes I’ll complain that a player is doing stupid sh"t etc etc…and then when the match is over I’ll get kicked from the game “you have been removed from the game”. This happens in execution and TDM. It happens almost Everytime there’s some heated exchanges in voice chat or in the text chat (playing on PC).

Am I actually getting booted from the game by someone or some other detection mechanism? Or is this just a coincidence?

My guess is just a coincidence. I doubt they’ve implemented a system where the game listens to what you’re saying and can kick you based on the language. They can barely run a double star event for their 13th anniversary ffs. :rofl:

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Pretty much what Essence said. That’s just the servers for you. Considering how bad they were throughout Gears 4s lifespan with the random player kicking from both Versus and Horde(let’s not talk about how the game outright stopped being playable online from server overload due to pack purchases… fun times), I’m surprised we have been getting away with as much as we did. The servers have only kicked me from a match once so far in Horde, surprisingly, on wave 27. Though this may also partially be due to being unable to play as much Horde in Gears 5 as I did in Gears 4, or maybe just not wanting to play it as much due to the bad hero system implemented.