Kicked from ranked match

Anyone been kicked from a ranked match and ended up having to wait for the timer till you can go back on because it thinks you quit the game. It’s happened a good few times and is really starting to pee me off. The timer is getting longer due to it.


I was kicked from gridiron once and got back in the match and watched the final 6 rounds while never being able to spawn. Super lame

Bring back Guardian to ranked!!!



It happened to me once. I was kicked out while loading the map(after voting), and had to wait 15 minutes to try again.

I’ve been having countless issues with there only being 9 people once the game does load. It makes us all wait over a minute just to get kicked back to the menu due to a player “quitting”


Yeah, I’ve been kicked a good few times. Last time I had to wait over an hour to get back in to a ranked match.

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Yeah it’s been happening to me more often

Guys i spec no ban for this. I has been kicked after vote for map 3 times today. 15 Minutes suspension. What is happening. COME ONNN

Yep, still happens to me from time to time.