Kicked from public horde / why?

I was recently playing a Horde Frenzy match, and I was kicked from the game but the timing seemed really odd, like it was the game itself kicking me. I came here to see if this has ever happened to anyone else, and what it might have been,

I was playing a public lobby, none of the players were allied with each other, and I was definitely pulling my own weight. In fact, you could say the only reason why we had gotten as far as we did was myself, I carried the weight of the team and collectively saved everyone, multiple times.

We were playing level 8, and the 2 bosses were a Matriarch and a Carrier. We downed the Carrier, but everyone was collectively having a hard time with the Matriarch. I was Lizzie, and was trying to get the Matriarch to freeze, wasn’t working too well, so I started buying Incindary grenades.

I kept running up and tagging the Matriarch, burning them that way seems to kill them faster than anything.

Anyway, at the end of the level I tagged the Matriarch one last time, it burned and died, and the second, literally the second it died, I was kicked.

This annoyed me for several reasons, 1) I did the majority of the killing. 2) Is it even possible to kick an individual player in a public lobby? 3) Did the game itself kick me? Did I break some unseen “rule” by killing a Matriarch in this manner?

I know what a disconnect kick looks like, this was an actual “you have been kicked” message.

Thoughts on what this was?

Probably a game crash but you for some reason got the kicked-message


Yep been kicked like this a few times. No pause, no delay on the leaderboard after a round just near the end or mid round back to menu with the message you have been removed from game you have need kicked.

I was kicked from my own custom lobby with that message… :roll_eyes:


That’s simply the servers throwing a tantrum. It can happen on any mode and it’s not related to your internet. It’s worse in ranked because sometimes you don’t even get the option to rejoin the ongoing match.

If only TC would acknowledge the issue and at least tell us “we’re working on it”.

Me also…