Kicked from horde

Just attempted to complete horde…

Mate got kicked at 39, then the whole team at 50.

Right after defeating the boss!!

Heard of a few issues on launch… is this still a common thing for everyone??

I have just got kicked at 28

Right at the beginning I had been getting kicked around the level 30 mark and kept on getting annoyed. I have now only completeed hoarde 3 times to 50 so far. My friendwas online playong today and got kicked at level 36 so it may still be an issue. I have mainly been getting kicked in verus and it wont keep me in the lobby more than 12 games in a row so I hope they sort this out too.

It’s still a thing. I’ve been kicked at 15, 30, and 46 respectively. I’ve managed to finish some matches, but the being kicked is quite frustrating.

I got kicked at wave 2 and 15 last night, gave up and played another game.

Would playing on Private solve this?